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17 Funny Tweets About Living with Cats


Cat owners walk a fine line—a very fine line. You’re either their personal space heater snuggled up on the couch or “that girl” who took away the brand-new stack of mail clearly meant for a kitty perch. A true travesty, if you ask Whiskers.

We have a lot of unanswered questions about cohabiting with the fluffy little sofa destroyers. But one thing’s for sure—it’s their home, and you just pay the rent. Somehow the finicky critters still manage to steal hearts (and the cleanliness of any yet-to-be-folded laundry pile). These cat owners share your pain gain.

It's all about compromise...

...except for when it's not. #pickyourbattles

Don't be mistaken—they know all the tricks.

Two cats = double the trouble.

They're just keeping you on your toes.

Don't wake the beast.

No water glass is safe.

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Everything is a toy.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Too bad there's no snooze button on Fluffy...

Face the's the cat's lunch.

There's no such thing as privacy.

Working from home = Working from THE CAT’S home

When you know kitty is in over her head...

Here's to many years of new hiding spots for essentials.

The curtains are definitely next on kitty's hit list.

It's like a spell...or something.

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