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8 Hanukkah Gifts for Cats and Dogs


Hanukkah 2018 will begin the evening of Sunday, December 2. It will then go for eight days and end the evening of Monday, December 10.

Traditionally, Jewish families exchange a single gift on each night of Hanukkah. Interestingly, pet parents are likely planning to do the same kind of gift exchange involving eight gifts.

Considering so many pet owners see their pets as a family member, this isn't surprising. What is surprising is which demographic is the biggest owner of pets these days and most likely to be preparing to buy holiday gifts. For years, it was baby boomers who loved pets the most. But this year, millennials edged out the boomers. They comprise 35 percent of pet owners. Boomers are only 32 percent of pet owners.

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Millennials love to shop for their pets, too. More than half of them buy their pet a gift every single month. When it comes to pet birthdays or the holidays, they'll buy even more gifts.

For all of those Jewish millennials still unsure of what to get for their dogs and cats, we can help. Launch the slideshow gallery to see eight adorable pet-related presents that can get pet parents through the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah.

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