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Orange You Glad We Came Up With 300 Cat Names for Orange-Colored Kitties?


Bringing an orange cat into your home can feel like welcoming an extra ray of sunshine. However, choosing a name for your new strawberry-tinted family member can be quite the hurdle.

Picking an orange cat name is all about getting to know your feline friend and choosing one that best represents their personality. Your orange cat needs the best name that suits its personality, looks, or maybe even a mixture of both! You can even pull some inspiration from nature, food, and pop culture.

Read this guide to see our top 300 orange cat names that we’ve scoured all over the internet to find! From TV characters to obscure food, there is sure to be a name that is perfect for your new furry orange friend.

300 Orange Cat Names

orange cat names

1. Potato Chip

This name is perfect if your orange cat has a salty personality.

2. Nacho

You may not be able to smother your cat with cheese, but you can come close with this funny orange cat name.

3. Amber

This name means "soul of the tiger" in some Asian cultures!

4. Portokale

Portokale means "orange" in Greek!

5. Saffron

Name your orange cat after the exotic spice known for its orange-reddish hue.

6. Peter Pan

All you need is faith and trust when you name your new feline friend after the red-headed boy who never grew up!

7. Blazer

This name is perfect for a cat that has a fiery personality.

8. Oliver

Perfect for an orphaned or rescue orange kitten, this name is based on the Disney hit film Oliver & Company about an orange kitten.

9. Merida

Although your cat may not have the powers to change you into a bear, this name is based on the red-headed archer in Pixar’s Brave.

10. Treasure

If finding your perfect orange feline was like finding a diamond in the rough, give this name a try!

11. Terracotta

Usually forming flower pots and other gardening goods, terracotta is the clay with a reddish-brown hue.

12. Sunkist

Why not name your cat after everyone’s favorite orange soda?

13. Alani

Alani is the Hawaiian name for "orange."

14. Carrot Top

Whether you know this name after the stand-up comedian or as a nickname for redheads, this name is perfect for an orange cat.

15. Chuck Norris

Perfect for a macho cat.

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16. Cayenne

This name is a good fit for a cat that has a little bit of a kick to its step!

17. Sorbet

Perfect for a cat who is smooth and sweet!

18. Sangria

Originating from Spain, this name is based on a drink that is made with wine and plenty of orange soda.

19. Whiskey

Get another cat and name it Soda for the ultimate combination.

20. Viceroy

This name is perfect for the cat who rules the household. Viceroys are "one who rules a country or province as the representative of his sovereign or king and who is empowered to act in the sovereign's name."

21. Copper

This metallic name is a super sweet name that is perfect for an orange-hued furball!

22. Velveeta

Name your new orange feline friend after everyone’s favorite creamy boxed mac and cheese.

23. Vermilion

Vermilion is a color that is usually a vivid reddish orange.

24. Autumn

Try this name if you’re a big fan of the fall season!

25. Tabasco

This name is perfect for an orange cat with a spicy personality.

orange cat names

26. Tangerine

Tiny and sweet as can be, this orange cat name is great for the cat whose on the smaller side!

27. Cheddar

This name is perfect for an orange cat who is a bit of a goofball!

28. Tang

It’s a kick in a glass and a great name for your kitty cat!

29. Sunny D

Only '90s kids will understand this orange cat name.

30. Curry

This name is great for an orange cat who loves to curl up and be cozy!

31. Russet

Most associated with potatoes, Russet also means a reddish-brown color.

32. Squash

This name is also the perfect autumnal name for an orange cat!

33. Weasley

Only Harry Potter fans will know why this name is perfect for orange cats.

34. Ruby

This name is after a stone that has a deep-red hue!

35. Strawberry

This name is perfect for the orange cat that is small and has a tarty personality.

36. Pumpkin Spice

With this name, pumpkin spice will never only be for a limited time!

37. Persimmon

Often mistaken for a tomato, a persimmon is a large, red, and sweet fruit, which makes it perfect for an orange cat who loves to eat!

38. Peaches

This name would be a great fit for an orange cat with lighter-orange fur and some white socks.

39. Pumpkin

Looking for a spooky orange cat name? Give Pumpkin a try.

40. Orangina

This name would be perfect for the orange cat who has a bubbling personality!

41. Pudding

With a name like Pudding, your cat is sure to be just as tasty and delicious.

42. Poppy

Known as the red flower who put Dorothy and Toto to sleep, this orange cat name would be perfect for the cat who is always snoozing.

43. Pomegranate

In Ancient Greece, the pomegranate represented "sanctity, fertility, and abundance."

44. Nutmeg

This name is great for orange cat owners who are looking to keep the Christmas spirit all year round.

45. Penny

This name is great for a sweet female orange cat!

46. Paprika

This name is perfect for the orange cat who looks spicy but acts sweet!

47. Marigold

The marigold flower is also called the "herb of the sun."

48. Masago

This orange cat name is based on the tiny fish eggs that are usually on top of sushi.

49. Papaya

Perfect for the feline who exudes tropical vibes.

50. Kumquat

In Chinese, kumquat means "golden orange."

orange cat names

51. OJ

Start every day the right way with this citrusy and bright-orange cat name.

52. October

Make every month a spooky month with this name.

53. Honey

This orange cat name is perfect for the cat who's as sweet as can be!

54. Marmalade

Marmalade is a jelly-like substance made out of oranges.

55. Monarch

This name is perfect if your cat owns your house like royalty!

56. Mai Tai

With this tropical name, every day with your cat will feel like a vacation.

57. Heathcliff

If your orange feline likes playing pranks, give Heathcliff a try.

58. Macaroni

Make sure you get another orange cat and name them Cheese for the most comforting duo.

59. Mimosa

With a name like Mimosa, every day is about to be as sweet as Sunday brunch!

60. Julius

Whether you think of the orange drink or the Roman emperor, this name is perfect for an orange feline family member.

61. Merlot

Wine and cat lovers go together like orange cats and this name!

62. Frito

Your cat won’t be made into a pie, but everyone will love on him like America’s favorite corn chip.

63. Conan O’Brien

Bonus points if you can make your cat’s fur into Conan’s signature hair swoop.

64. Melon

This name is perfect for the sweet kitty who's just a little bit juicy.

65. Fanta

For the orange cats who are just as bubbly as they are sweet.

66. Cheeto

At least you won’t have to worry about orange dust on your fingers.

67. Fajita

This name is perfect for the cat who is always sizzling.

68. Maple

Maple leaves symbolize balance, offering, practical magic, promise, longevity, generosity, and intelligence.

69. Elmo

This orange cat name is perfect for Sesame Street lovers!

70. Mango

Fun fact: In ancient times, mangoes were seen as food for the gods.

71. Dorito

This name is perfect for the bold feline who has a zesty kick.

72. Mars

This galactic name is perfect for the orange kitty who is simply out of this world!

73. Colonel Mustard

With a name like this one, you'll always know who done it.

74. Mandarin

If you want to make your little orange critter a good luck charm, mandarin oranges are considered to be a traditional symbol of good fortune.

75. Jupiter

This name is perfect for an orange cat who's big and round!

orange cat names

76. Colby Jack

If you’re looking for a great name for an orange cat who’s just a little bit caliente!

77. Loki

If you think your cat is misunderstood, try this cat name inspired by the Marvel villain.

78. Sun

Great for the orange kitties who bring a little bit of light wherever they go!

79. Creamsicle

Perfect for the light-orange cat who’s just the thing you need on a hot summer’s day!

80. Lava

This orange cat name is perfect for the little rascal who brings a sense of destruction and chaos.

81. Ed Sheeran

If your cat makes you swoon with love, name your cat after Britain's most loved red-headed singer.

82. Chili

Perfect for the cat who’s big, hearty, and comforting.

83. Heinz

For the cat with fur as red can be, give this ketchup-inspired name a shot!

84. Jeruk

Jeruk means orange in Indonesian.

85. Cherry Pie

This orange cat's name will have you singing the Warrant song all day.

86. Ginger

Perhaps the most classic orange cat name for either a boy or a girl!

87. Crookshanks

This is also the name of Hermionie’s orange cat in the Harry Potter series.

88. Cheese

Let’s be real, spending time with your cat is just as addicting as eating a whole block of cheese in one sitting.

89. Garfield

This is the most popular name for a boy orange cat based on the comic strip of a pesky orange cat.

90. Cantaloupe

Perfect for a rotund cat who’s just one in a melon!

91. Dawn

If your cat’s fur is just as orange as daybreak, consider this fun orange cat name.

92. Wynonna Judd

Perfect for the cat who can’t stop crooning to country music.

93. Citrus

For the sweet-smelling orange kittens.

94. Winnie

This orange cat name is inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh!

95. Toulouse

Name your sweet kitten after the orange kitten in Disney’s The Aristocats.

96. Cinnamon

Perfect for the kitten who’s so sweet it’s almost sickening.

97. Wilma Flintstone

This name is based on everyone’s favorite prehistoric cartoon wife!

98. Aslan

If your cat is powerful and rules over its domain, consider this name based on the lion ruler in The Chronicles of Narnia.

99. Carmello

This name is perfect for an outdoor orange cat. It means "orchard or garden" in Hebrew!

100. Tabitha

This name means "gorgeous" in Greek.

orange cat names

101. Susan Sarandon

Only a truly badass orange cat deserves this Academy-Award-winning actress’s name!

102. Burgundy

This name is perfect for an orange cat that has a reddish hint to its fur.

103. Stimpy

This name is based on the cat in the '90s Nick cartoon, Ren & Stimpy.

104. Strawberry Shortcake

Naming your orange cat this sweet name feels right as raspberries!

105. Apricot

Seeing fresh apricots in a dream means fresh opportunities related to wealth and business.

106. Rajah

This orange cat name is based on Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin!

107. Scully

In Gaelic, this name means "descendant of the scholar."

108. Marley

This perfect unisex name for an orange cat means "pleasant seaside meadow."

109. Sunflower

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity.

110. Satine

Satine is of French origin and means "smooth, shiny."

111. Echo

Echo is of Latin and Greek origin and means "reflected sound."

112. Sansa

This orange cat name is based on the northern princess in Game of Thrones.

113. Simba

If your cat just can’t wait to be king, try this name from Disney’s The Lion King.

114. Basil

The name Basil means "royal, kingly."

115. Rose

Roses are generally associated with love and relationships.

116. Spooky

If you wish Halloween was all year round, try the name Spooky for your new orange feline!

117. Oren

Oren means "pine" or "ash" in Hebrew.

118. Ribbons

This name is perfect for an orange cat with stripes!

119. Marvo

Short for marvelous!

120. Flame

This name is perfect for an orange cat that looks like it belongs at a campsite!

121. Reba McEntire

For the orange kitties with old souls.

122. Aidan

Aidan means "firey" in Gaelic.

123. Daidaiiro

This name means "orange" in Japanese!

124. Raggedy Ann

This name comes from the old toy dolls manufactured in the 1900s.

125. Merak

Merak is the second brightest star in the Ursa Major!

orange cat names

126. Queen Elizabeth

Give your cat the royal treatment by naming your orange cat after England’s longest-reigning monarch!

127. Stanley

This Old English name means "stony meadow."

128. Jimbo

This name is perfect for a large orange cat!

129. Karaka

Karaka is a tree in New Zealand that bears an orange fruit.

130. Pippi Longstocking

This famous red-headed fictional character is unpredictable, freckled, unconventional, and superhumanly strong!

131. James

This classic orange cat name means "supplanter."

132. Kamala

Kamala means "pale red" in Hindu!

133. Pepper Ann

If you have a cat who marches to the beat of her own drum, try this name based on the '90s hit cartoon!

134. Patsy

This name means "noble, patrician."

135. Katom

Katom means "orange" in Hebrew!

136. Pebbles

This name is based on the adorable prehistoric red-headed child in The Flintstones.

137. Mage

This name means "magic use."

138. Crimson

This name refers to a deep, dark red color.

139. Stumpy

This name is perfect for a cat with short little legs.

140. Delphy

Looking for an adorable orange cat name? This name means "dolphin" in Ancient Greek!

141. Chipmunk

For the cats with the chubbiest of cheeks.

142. Ms. Frizzle

Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! This orange cat name is based on everyone’s favorite kooky teacher from The Magic School Bus.

143. Pablo

Perfect for the small kittens who are nice and humble!

144. Coral

This name means "deep pink" or "red" and is based on the beautiful semi-precious sea growth!

145. Molly Ringwald

This name is based on the leading lady of '80s movies like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club!

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146. Mantis

In Ancient Greek, this name means "prophet."

147. Tic-Tac

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the best tic tacs are the orange ones!

148. Miranda Hobbs

Name your new orange four-legged friend after the sassy lawyer from Sex in the City.

149. Milo

Milo is of German origin and means "soldier."

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150. Sunset

Name your furry red kitty after one of nature’s everyday majestic moments!

orange cat names

151. Maureen O’Hara

If you live out on a ranch, consider this name of the actress who played daring female leads in Westerns alongside John Wayne.

152. Radio

Short for radioactive!

153. Nectar

The name Nectar means "nourishment of the gods."

154. Mary Jane Watson

Name your orange lovie after Spiderman’s love interest!

155. Tater Tot

So much tastier when they’re golden!

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156. Basketball

Perfect for a kitten who is large and round.

157. Magenta

Cute for a female orange cat who has a hint of red in her fur!

158. Topaz

Topaz is a golden gem, just like your new orange kitty.

159. Lilie

The name Lilie means "a sign from the gods."

160. Lucy

Short for the famous red-headed actress Lucille Ball!

161. Anaranjado

Anaranjado means "orange" in Spanish.

162. Foxy

This orange cat name means "wild."

163. Lois Griffin

Name your cat after America’s favorite mom from Family Guy!

164. Umber

Umber is a natural pigment that gives off a dark brown and orange color.

165. Sacral

Located above the naval, your sacral chakra is responsible for passion, sexuality, intimacy, money, creativity, and joy. Its associated color is orange!

166. Lindsey Lohan

Name your orange cat after everyone’s favorite red-headed 2000s actress!

167. Boots

Perfect for the orange cat who has white socks!

168. Beaker

This name is based on the orange-haired Muppet assistant who seems to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

169. Morrie

This name is based on Mitch Albom’s book Tuesdays with Morrie.

170. Romeo

"O tuna, O tuna, wherefore art thou tuna?"

171. Ernie

This name is another great one for Sesame Street lovers! It’s the same name as Bert’s orange roommate.

172. Ladybug

When a red-orange ladybug lands on you, it’s a sign of good luck!

173. Ron

Name your orange feline after the youngest Weasley brother from the Harry Potter series.

174. Haz

This name is short for hazmat suit, which comes in a bright-orange color!

175. Kim Possible

Call me, beep me! Always know what your cat’s sitch is with this name inspired by the Disney Channel’s redhead teen spy!

orange cat names

176. Puss

Perfect for the cat who has a face like a little sour puss.

177. Kenny

Based on a character from South Park who always wears an orange jacket!

178. Lunchbox

Because you can only wish your cat could be the latest back-to-school accessory.

179. Popcorn

You can relive the love of the movies with this delicious name.

180. Nemo

Name your orange friend after Pixar’s brave little clown fish.

181. Fiona

If your cat is an ogre trapped inside the body of a princess, then this name is perfect.

182. Spike

The name Spike means long and heavy.

183. Charmander

I choose you! This name is one of the three original starter Pokemon that are found in the handheld games.

184. Tony

Based on Iron Man’s true identity.

185. Rocky

Perfect for the orange cat who won’t back down from a fight.

186. Vincent

This name comes from the artist Vincent van Gogh, who is known for having painted masterpieces like The Starry Night and Sunflowers and who had strawberry blonde hair!

187. Tigger

For the cats who are always bouncing around.

188. Tangelo

Name your cat after the fruit that’s a little bit sour but also sweet!

189. Tiger

It’s only fitting that you want to name your little orange beast after its striped ancestors!

190. Thomas O’Malley

Name your four-legged friend after The Aristocats' favorite Casanova alley cat!

191. Apollo

If one of your cat’s favorite past times is knocking things off of the counter, give Apollo a shot. It means "destroyer."

192. Sherbert

Perfect for the cat who's as sweet as this berry-licious creamy treat!

193. Tank

For the cat who doesn’t let anyone get in their way.

194. Tangy

Best for the cat who has a personality that’s more of an acquired taste.

195. Scarlett

This name means "red" and is of Old English origin.

196. Shere Kahn

If you name your cat this name, they’ll share the same name as the tiger in The Jungle Book!

197. Frank

This hilarious human name for your orange cat means "free man."

198. Sandy

Known as a karate-chopping squirrel living underwater, this name would be perfect for a female orange cat with a rockstar personality!

199. Orion

This name means "son of fire" in Greek.

200. Squish

Perfect for the orange cat that has a little bit more to love!

orange cat names

201. Rojo

This name means red in Spanish.

202. Nala

Your orange cat will have the same name as the female lead from The Lion King when you name her this fun name!

203. Moobie

There is no meaning to this name, but oh boy, is it fun to say!

204. Rufus

This name means "red head" in Latin.

205. Hobbes

This name is the same name as the lovable orange imaginary friend from Calvin and Hobbes.

206. Sunshine

Perfect for the cat who brings a little bit of joy wherever they go!

207. Rusty

For the cat whose claws feel like nails.

208. Goose

This name is great for the cats who seem to always take flight.

209. Theodore

This name means "God given" in Greek!

210. Roughy

For the cat who always seems to play rough!

211. Dinah

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense! This name is the same name as Alice’s cat in Alice in Wonderland.

212. Booker

This name is of English origin and means "scribe."

213. Rosy

For the cat with a cheery disposition.

214. Brian

This name comes from an Old Celtic word that means "high" or "noble."

215. Leo

Perfect for your own little lion.

216. Red

Call it like you see it with this straightforward orange cat name.

217. Scorch

Another great fire-inspired name!

218. Ramona

This name hails from Germany and means "protecting hands."

219. Prince Harry

Name your little orange bean after the red-headed prince of England!

220. Sahara

Famous for being a large desert, the name Sahara means "just before dawn."

221. Sonny

If you treat your cats like they’re your own children, this name means "son."

222. Pooh

After the lovable, silly old bear!

223. Phoenix

This name means "one will rise again."

224. Goldie

This name means "one who is made out of gold."

225. Inferno

If your cat runs hot (personality- or temperature-wise), try this name that means "hell."

226. Spaghetti

Name your kitten after everyone’s favorite Italian meal!

227. Gingersnap

Perfect for a female orange cat who’s got a little bit of pep in her step.

228. Sparky

For the orange cat you saw and had an instant connection with.

229. Garnet

Not only is it a great name for an orange cat, but Garnet is also a deep-red gemstone that resembles a pomegranate.

230. Jasper

This masculine name means "treasurer."

231. Fuego

This name means "fire" in Spanish!

232. Malachi

This orange cat name means "my messenger" in Hebrew.

233. Firewall

Perfect for the tech-savvy orange cat parents!

234. George

This name means "farmer."

235. Firestarter

For the cat who always starts the drama.

236. Honeybell

Perfect for the cat who always leaves you happier than when it found you.

237. Firefox

For the cat parents who still remember a time before Google Chrome.

238. Fishstick

Even though we don’t recommend giving your cat fish sticks for dinner, we can fully say that it makes a great funny cat name!

239. Firefighter

Perfect name for a rescue orange cat.

240. Radar

For the cat you always have to keep track of!

241. Firecracker

This orange cat name is perfect for the cat who always seems to go off with a bang.

242. Sassafras

Perfect for that sassy orange kitty!

243. Fireball

For the ones who are obsessed with the cinnamon whisky.

244. Archie

Name your orange kitten after everyone’s favorite comic book redhead, Archie Andrews!

245. Sweet Potato

For the orange cat that’s just a little bit nicer than a regular potato.

orange cat names

246. Cinder

This is an English word name referring to the smoldering ash left by a fire.

247. Quartz

Go for the opposite of fire when you name your orange cat Quartz! This name means "ice."

248. Marmite

You either love it or you hate it! Name your orange cat after this yeast extract with a distinctive taste.

249. Goldfish

For the cat who always seems to be smiling back.

250. Rosebud

This name is perfect for the orange kitten who hasn’t seemed to bloom all the way yet!

orange cat names

251. Cosmos

This Greek name means "order, beauty."

252. Kraft

After the company that brought you the macaroni and cheese in a blue box!

253. RiffRaff

For the orange cat who always seems to be getting in trouble.

254. Citrine

Citrine is a type of crystal that has citrus-colored hues.

255. Xena

After the warrior princess, of course!

256. Pasquale

This name means Patrick in Italian.

257. Finnegan

This Irish name means "fair."

258. Chester

Only Cheeto lovers will understand this name. It’s the name of their mascot, Chester Cheetah!

259. Queso

This name means "cheese" in Spanish.

260. Lionblaze

For the little lion who rules the roost.

261. Crash

Perfect for the orange cat who loves to run amok.

262. Goku

Name your cat after the orange jumpsuit-wearing Saiyan from Dragon Ball!

263. Cheezit

After everyone’s favorite cheesy cracker.

264. Snickerdoodle

For the cat who's sweet and just a little bit spicy.

265. Bailey

This name means "bailiff" in Old English.

266. Beauregard

Perfect for the orange cat with striking eyes. This name means "beautiful gaze" in Old French.

267. Juice

BRB, blasting Lizzo.

268. Mildred

This Old English name means "gentle strength."

269. Lasagna

Name your orange cat after Garfield’s favorite snack!

270. Pepita

Pepitas are usually another name for pumpkin seeds.

271. Fiyero

This Italian name means "proud."

272. Magma

The molten matter within the Earth!

273. Percy

Name your responsible orange cat after one of the older Weasley brothers in Harry Potter.

274. Dewey

Fun fact: In real life, there was an orange kitten named Dewey who showed up in a library one night and won over the hearts of a small town in Iowa!

275. Gustopolis

Call him Gus for short!

276. Honeydew

Honeydew seeds can be used in magical spells, satchels, and talismans to attract abundance.

277. Dandelion

Although some may see it as a green and yellow weed, this name means "lion's tooth."

278. Grapefruit

Grapefruits can symbolize successful independence from something or someone.

279. Guava

Usually a pale red on the inside, guavas symbolize fruits of your success.

280. Mercury

Fun fact: Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, was a ginormous cat lover.

281. Zuko

Name your cat after the dark prince of the Fire Nation who has a heart of gold from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

282. Rainier

This name comes from one of the many majestic mountains in the Pacific Northwest!

283. Veridian

Go on the opposite side of the color wheel and name your orange cat after this blue-and-green shade.

284. Floga

This name means "flame" in Greek.

285. Daphne

Creepers! Name your orange cat after the lovable red-headed mystery solver from Scooby-Doo.

286. Annie

Bet your bottom dollar with this female orange cat named after a spunky red-headed musical orphan!

287. Ariel

Make your orange cat a permanent part of your world with this Disney-inspired name.

288. Blossom

Just like the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, this name is perfect for a cat who is strong and determined.

289. Carmen Sandiego

For the orange cat who keeps disappearing and popping up in strange places.

290. Dexter

After the lovable red-headed kid genius from Dexter’s Laboratory.

291. Ygritte

You know nothing! This name comes from Jon Snow’s short but impactful love interest from Game of Thrones.

292. Misty

Gotta catch them all! This name comes from the water-Pokemon-collecting female character in Pokemon.

293. Frankie

If your cat is more of a temperamental teen, name them after the red-headed character from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

294. Pineapple

In the southern part of the United States, pineapples symbolize warm welcomes, celebration, and hospitality.

295. Pancake

Perfect for a red cat who loves to curl up and snooze!

296. Mozzarella

Mamma Mia! This can be the new name of the orange cat who stole a pizza your heart!

297. Tabby

For a cat who's long and graceful, this orange cat name means "gazelle" in Arabic.

298. Chestnut

Chestnuts symbolize chastity, honesty, and justice.

299. Vitamin C

Warning: If you name your cat this name, you may be prone to having nostalgic high school memories.

300. Tilda

This orange cat name means "battle strength."

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