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150 Funny Dog Names for Your Four-Legged Best Friend


Funny Dog Names

There’s no doubt that every time you see a dog, it brings a smile to your face. With their funny personalities and personal quirks, every man’s best friend is truly one of a kind.

Sure, there are plenty of typical dog names like Fido and Fluffy that you can choose for your furry friend, but why not pick a funny dog name that’s as unique as they are? By picking a funny unique dog name, your dog is sure to stand out from the crowd, whether that be at the vet’s office or the dog park!

Use this guide of funny dog names to choose a hilarious name for your new pooch! From cute and silly names like Groucho Barks to Milkshake, you’re sure to keep yourself and everyone else who meets your four-legged friend giggling with joy.

150 Funny Dog Names

funny dog names

1. Jimmy Chew

This funny dog name is inspired by the famous shoe line, Jimmy Choo!

2. Bacon

If your dog loves this salty breakfast treat so much, why not name them after it?

3. Bark Twain

This name is a great pun for literary lovers!

4. Angus

Although it sounds like a funny dog name, this Scottish Gaelic name means “one strength.”

5. Atom

If you have a small ankle-biter that takes up your whole heart, name them after the smallest thing in the universe!

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6. Elmo

This funny dog name is perfect for those who have toddlers who love the red furry monster on Sesame Street!

7. Lady Rover

Give your dog the royal treatment with this funny regal-inspired name!

8. Chew Barka

Have any Star Wars lovers in your house? Consider putting a fun dog spin on this galactic name!

9. Bear

Bear is a great name for a large woofer!

10. Bubba

You can’t go wrong with Bubba! This classic name is guaranteed to generate a few smiles.

11. Little Bow Wow

Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yay! Only early 2000s kids know the true meaning behind this name.

12. Taco

Make every day at your house Taco Tuesday with this loveable spicy name!

13. Kanye Westie

If you’re a big fan of Mr. Kim Kardashian, try this punny dog name!

14. Beethoven

Whether you take inspiration from the giant St. Bernard or the famous composer, this funny dog name is always a hit!

15. Bullwinkle

Hokey smoke! If you’re looking for a classic funny dog name, try using Bullwinkle!

16. Subwoofer

This music-inspired dog name is sure to crack a couple of laughs at the dog park!

17. Einstein

Your dog is obviously the smartest dog ever, so why not name them after one of the greatest minds of our time?

18. Slinky

Take a page out of Toy Story and name your loveable pooch this adorable retro name!

19. Snoop Doggie Dogg

Fo' shizzle my nizzle! This funny dog name is always a hit.

20. Oscar Mayer

Give your dog (and your baloney) a classic funny dog name that will have people singing the jingle all day long!

21. Meatloaf

Name your dog after your favorite home-cooked meal or your favorite '70s singer.

22. Nacho

Your dog may not be as tasty as corn chips smothered in cheese but they are just as irresistible!

23. Cookie Monster

This funny dog name is also great for a house that has a Sesame Street-loving toddler looking for a best friend!

24. Hooch

“Don't eat the car! Not the car! Oh, what am I yelling at you for? You're a dog!” This funny dog name is inspired by the 1989 box-office smash hit, Turner and Hooch.

25. Cinderella

funny dog names

Turn to classic fairy tales to inspire your next funny dog name!

26. Pee Wee

This is another great choice for a small dog!

27. Homer

Whether you named your four-legged friend after the lovable father from The Simpsons or the famous Greek author, this funny dog name will truly induce a couple of smiles.

28. Porkchop

This classic funny dog name is guaranteed to bust a few laughs.

29. Pup Tart

Take a spin on your favorite breakfast toaster pastry for your brand-new dog name!

30. Sir Barks-a-lot

I like big BONES and I cannot lie! This funny dog name will have all your homeboys rolling with laughter.

31. Sushi

Name your pooch after your favorite date night meal!

32. Tater

This funny dog name is perfect for potato lovers!

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33. Waffles

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that waffles reign supreme at the breakfast table, which is why it’s a perfect name for a dog!

34. Bingo

This funny dog name-o will guarantee a round of songs every time you call out your pooch’s name!

35. Muttley Cru

This funny dog name will have you shouting at the devil when you name your dog after the world’s most notorious rock band!

36. Meatball

Fun Fact: Adam Sandler’s dog was named Meatball and served as best man and ring bearer at his wedding in 2003!

37. Muddy Buddy

Muddy Buddy is a great name for the pooch who is always trampling in puddles!

38. Charlie Brown

Good grief! This funny dog name is great for a rescue dog who is misunderstood.

39. E.T.

This dog name will ensure your dog always knows when to phone home.

40. McGruff

Name your pooch after this famous do-gooder!

41. Munchkin

This adorable dog name is perfect for a smaller breed of dog.

42. Miss Piggy

If your new dog is big and sassy, this funny dog name will be a great choice!

43. Waldo

Waldo is a great uncommon funny dog name!

44. Woofer

Usually referring to a big dog, Woofer would be a hilarious name for a smaller pooch.

45. Droolius Caesar

This funny dog name is inspired by the once-powerful Roman emperor, Julius Caesar.

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46. Furdinand

If your dog is big but gentle, consider naming them after the gentle bull but with a doggy twist!

47. Orville Redenbarker

Popcorn is everyone’s favorite treat and your dog will soon become everyone’s favorite pooch with this salty sweet name!

48. Salvador Dogi

Although your new dog may not be good at painting melting clocks, this artistically funny dog name will have your friends and loved ones cracking a smile.

49. Spark Pug

This name would be perfect for a pug or another small dog.

50. Sherlock Bones

funny dog names

All your dog needs to rock this name is a pipe, a hat, and a strong nose to sniff out crime!

51. Scarlett O’Hairy

A reference to Gone With the Wind, this funny dog name is a great pun for female dogs.

52. 50 Scent

Go shawty! This dog name is perfect for a bloodhound or another dog with a strong nose.

53. Zane

This name is perfect for a dog with a fun disposition.

54. Bobo

This funny dog name means “a happy winner.”

55. Godwin

Coming from Duck Dynasty, this funny dog name means “happy friend.”

56. Biff

Usually the name of a stereotypical jock, Biff is a great classic funny dog name.

57. Una

This funny dog name means “to be happy” in Danish!

58. Mary Puppins

A spoon full of sugar keeps the zoomies at bay!

59. Allegra

This Italian dog name means “joyous.”

60. Winnie the Pooch

You won’t be saying “oh bother” if you decide to name your dog this funny name!

61. Bruiser

Be like Elle Woods and give your dog the same name she gave hers!

62. Button

This name is good for a pooch that’s just oh too cute!

63. Jubal

This name means “extremely happy.”

64. Byte

This pixel dog name is great for any video game lovers!

65. Halona

This traditional Native American name means “happy fortune.”

66. King Kong

This funny dog name would be great for a giant dog breed like a Newfoundland or German Shepard!

67. Jitterbug

If your new dog can’t stop shaking from excitement, try this funny dog name!

68. Basim

This name means “one who is smiling and happy.”

69. Nara

This Celtic name means “happy.”

70. Squirt

If your dog is somewhat on the smaller set, try this funny dog name.

71. Winnie the Pooch

This name is inspired by the lovable children’s series about a chubby honey-loving bear!

72. Jamar

This name means “handsome and happy.”

73. Captain Chaos

If your dog acts more like a bull in a china shop, try this funny dog name on for size!

74. Boston Powers

This funny dog name is perfect for a Boston Terrier.

75. Keiko

funny dog names
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This dog's name means “optimism” in Japanese.

76. Marshmallow

If you have a fluffy white dog that’s as cute as can be, consider Marshmallow as their name!

77. Queen Bey

The real question is why aren’t all dogs named after Beyonce?

78. Hani

This male dog’s name is an Arabic word for “happy.”

79. Bilbo

Name your pooch after the one hobbit who started it all!

80. Pawdry Hepburn

This funny dog name is inspired by Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s star, Audrey Hepburn!

81. Oysten

This name means “happiness” in Norwegian.

82. Britney Ears

Ooh baby, baby! This funny dog name is inspired by the princess of pop, Britney Spears!

83. Brunhilda

Even though it’s funny to say, this German warrior name means “battle armor.”

84. Chiquita

If you love fruit, name your pooch after the famous Chiquita banana girl!

85. Cletus

This funny dog name means "illustrious.”

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86. Cyrano

This name is of French and Greek origin and it means “from Cyrene.”

87. Frito

Name your dog after everyone’s favorite corn chips!

88. Fuzzball

This funny dog name is perfect if your dog is particularly hairy!

89. Ilaria

This name means “cheerful and happy” in Italian.

90. Gonzo

This name of a Muppet means “saved from combat.”

91. Leta

This Latin dog name means “joyful” and “glad.”

92. Ma Barker

Hey, you guys! This funny dog name is inspired by the mother of the kooky villains in The Goonies!

93. Cha-cha

This funny dog name is inspired by the Latin dance!

94. Barney

This funny dog name is inspired by the big purple dinosaur.

95. Mouse

If you’re looking for an ironic or funny name, try this funny dog name for your new pooch!

96. Muggles

Harry Potter fans will know the true meaning behind this name!

97. Olivia Chewton John

This funny dog name will have you smiling during those sweet summer nights!

98. Puck

This dog name is based on the fairy assistant in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

99.  Lollipop

This name is perfect for the pooch who is as sweet as can be.

100. Bambam

funny dog names

This funny dog name means “yellow” in German.

101. Chica

This dog name means “girl” in Spanish.

102. Sarah Jessica Barker

Keep things punny and sexy with this name inspired by the HBO star, Sarah Jessica Parker!

103. Stinky

Don’t hide the obvious with this funny dog name!

104. Eggroll

This funny dog name is inspired by a delicious savory deep fried appetizer!

105. Biggie Smalls

This funny dog name is inspired by the Brooklyn rapper!

106. Fabio

Whisk away into a fantasy with this romance-inspired name.

107. Felix

This name means “happy” and “energetic.”

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108. Rafa

This name means “happy” in Arabic.

109. Yoda

Name your new pooch after everyone’s favorite Jedi master!

110. Wagner

This funny dog name means “wagon driver” in German.

111. Betty Spaghetti

‘90s kids know the truth behind this fun toy-inspired name.

112. Nessie

Is it a monster or is it just the name of a new pooch?

113. Eddie

This name means “happy” and “rich.”

114. Lancelot

Name your pooch after King Arthur’s magical knight.

115. Milkshake

This funny dog name will bring all the dogs to your yard.

116. Ozzy Pawsborne

Take a canine spin on the Prince of Darkness’s name with this funny dog name!

117. Santa Paws

It’s only natural that you’d want to name your dog after the best human on Earth . . . Santa Clause!

118. Muttilda

This fun name will have people looking at their spell check twice!

119. Sugar Pie

If you name your new pooch this funny dog name, you’ll just have to adopt another one and call them “Honey Bunch!”

120. Bliss

This name is a synonym for the word “happy.”

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121. Bustamove

You want it, baby, you got it!

122. Cheeseburger

Name your dog after your favorite cookout dish with this funny dog name!

123. Dilbert

If you’re a big fan of office humor, try this funny dog name after the comic strip character of the same name!

124. Babushka

This funny dog name means “grandmother” in Russian.

125. Fitbit

funny dog names

Count your steps with your brand new Fitbit (aka your new dog)!

126. Growlilocks

If you’re having trouble coming up with a funny dog name, we have a feeling this one may be just right!

127. Hobbit

If you’re a big Lord of the Rings fan, this name would be perfect for a small hairy dog or one with big feet!

128. Snookie

Live life like it’s 2005 again and bring back this iconic reality tv name for your new dog!

129. Issac

Dating back to Biblical times, this name means “laughter.”

130. William Shakespaw

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare's work, this might be the perfect funny dog name for your new four-legged friend!

131. Ron Fleasly

Any true Harry Potter fan will know this name. Bonus points if the dog you’re naming has a reddish hue!

132. Gambino

This funny dog name is inspired by the rapper, Childish Gambino.

133. Hashtag

Use this funny dog name if you’re always scrolling through social media sites!

134. Fancy Feet

If your dog is constantly dancing for their dinner, try this lyrical dog name.

135. Nugget

There is absolutely no shame in naming your dog after your favorite fast food.

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136. Seuss

This funny dog name is inspired by the Doctor who gave us The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat!

137. Beastie

This name is inspired by the rap group, The Beastie Boys!

138. Clark Griswold

Give your dog a new name based on a kooky father who means well!

139. Dee-Oh-Gee

Say it out loud . . . 

140. Beatrice

This dog's name means “the bringer of joy.”

141. Dickens

Base your dog’s name around the English author who wrote Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol.

142. Fang

This funny dog name is the same name as Hagrid’s dog in Harry Potter!

143. Geronimo

This name means your dog is known for their supreme bravery!

144. Pencil

This school supplies-based dog name is also the same name as the dog from the movie Year of the Dog.

145. Bark Obama

funny dog names

Give your dog the presidential treatment by naming them after our nation’s 44th president!

146. Dogstoyevsky

Love laughing and classical music? Give this funny dog name a try on your new pooch.

147. Peli

This Latin name means “happy.”

148. Jabba the Mutt

Based on the Star Wars character, Jabba the Hutt, this funny dog name is particularly good for a dog who has a lot of wrinkles!

149. J.K. Growling

This name is inspired by the author of the Harry Potter series. What makes this funny dog name great is that everyone who hears it will recognize it!

150. Toto

This classic funny dog name comes from the classic movie The Wizard of Oz.

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