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Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Corgis Through the Years

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To the rest of the world, she is Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom—but to generations of corgis, she's always been just Mum.

The queen’s beloved corgis have never been far from her side, ever since she fell in love with the breed as a young girl.

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The queen received her first corgi, Susan, as an 18th birthday present, and her 14 generations of royal corgis since then have all descended from the same line. Sadly, Susan’s very last descendant, Willow, died in 2018, marking the end of era for the royal family.

Willow wasn't the queen's last dog, however. She has also bred dorgis, an adorable cross between a dachshund and a corgi. One of her dorgis, Vulcan, died in 2020. 

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Elizabeth had apparently always said she would not own any more dogs after her current ones passed away, reportedly due to her fear that she might hurt the small dogs by tripping over them. She also is said to have worried about leaving the corgis between for others to care for once she is gone.

However, she unexpectedly welcomed two new pups into her home early last year: a dorgi, Fergus, and a corgi, Muick — both gifts from her son, Prince Andrew. 

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Fergus sadly died at just a few months old last May, apparently from a heart defect, which reportedly left the queen “devastated.” 

A few months later, Andrew gave his mother a new corgi puppy.

In honor of the queen's lifelong affection for corgis, launch the gallery to see some of our favorite throwback photos of Queen Elizabeth and her beloved canine companions!

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