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Manners Hero of the Week: Cop Called About a 'Vicious Canine,' Adopts Sweet Dog Instead

Courtesy Baltimore Police Department Facebook

Dan Waskeiwicz with Bo.

Baltimore police officer Dan Waskeiwicz appeared on Rachael Ray this week to tell a not-so-shaggy dog story. Seems that in 2012 Officer Dan took a call about a pit bull chasing and terrorizing kids. In a blog post, he described how people were yelling at the “vicious dog”—even throwing bottles—but when he got out of the patrol car he only found a scared, shy dog with his tail between his legs. After realizing that the dog would be put down if taken to the pound, Officer Dan decided to adopt the dog, later named “Bo.” As he wrote: “The dog was originally kept outside and was filthy, and now it just might have a new home."

A year later, Bo’s a happy camper—no, make that a cheerful canine—at the Waskeiwicz house, and even has a new BFF, Officer Dan’s girlfriend’s corgi. As the saying goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Even if it’s a woofer!

We congratulate Officer Dan Waskeiwicz, our “Manners Hero of The Week,” and hope his kindness sets an example for others.

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