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This College Basketball Team Lets Dogs Join the Fun

Syracuse University

You've heard of bring your dog to work day, and you probably read my articles on dog-friendly stores for Black Friday shopping or baseball stadiums that host "Bark in the Park" events.

But here's one you may not have heard of—it surely was new for me: dogs invited to watch a women's college basketball game.

This is a tradition for Syracuse University and its women's basketball team. Once a year, the team hosts Doggy Day in the Dome. The Dome would be the Carrier Dome, which seats 49,250 in Syracuse, New York, where the eponymous university is located. The Carrier Dome is where many of Syracuse University's athletic teams compete, including women's basketball.

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The very first Doggy Day in the Dome was held in 2017. It's unclear how the tradition began, but it's obviously a popular draw for dog lovers, families with children and, of course, those who enjoy watching Syracuse women play basketball.

According to the Syracuse new site, the 2019 Doggy Day in the Dome is Wednesday, February 13. All well-behaved, licensed, registered plus vaccinated dogs (with proof) are welcome to join their human in watching Syracuse take on North Carolina State University that evening. Beforehand, though, there will be tons of fun.

The backcourt area of the Dome will feature local vendors, including trainers, groomers, doggy day cares and rescues. During past Doggy Day in the Dome events, dogs could enjoy participating in agility courses, games of fetch and more. This area is called the Doggy Zone.

Every human and their dog will get a free water bowl. There will be indoor relief areas for dogs in attendance to help avoid accidents and so dog owners don't need to take their pups all the way outside to go to the bathroom.

I'm not aware of any other college teams that invite dogs to be spectators, but if I hear of others, I'm happy to write about this topic again.

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