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5 Groundhogs to Watch (Besides Punxsatawney Phil)

AP Photo/The Marion Star/Bill Sinden

On Groundhog Day, Februar 2, Americans will watch as some very important vermin make their predictions: more winter or sooner spring? While Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil remains the most renowned, there are other groundhogs weighing in, too.

Buckeye Chuck

Hailing from Marion, Ohio, Chuck was named the state groundhog in 1979.

Photo/The Marion Star/Bill Sinden

Gen. Beauregard Lee

The General has received honorary doctorates from the University of Georgia (Doctor of Weather Prognostication) and Georgia State University (Doctor of Southern Groundology).

General Beauregard Lee
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Sir Walter Wally

A year-round resident of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, he raises weather awareness for all ages.

Sir Walter Wally

Dunkirk Dave

Known as the second-longest prognosticating groundhog, Dave lives with his handler (and early rehabilitator) Bob in Dunkirk, New York.

Dunkirk Dave

Chattanooga Chuck

Chuck is the Chief Seasonal Forecaster at the Tennessee Aquarium, where he resides.

Chattanooga Chuck

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