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6 Green Pet Products for Earth Day 2018

FreshPatch/Jacqueline Felix

There are plenty of ways you can celebrate Earth Day 2018. You can find sustainable projects to participating in in the state where you live. You can visit a museum or park that is having an Earth Day celebration. And if you're a pet owner and animal lover, you can do something good for Mother Earth and your animals, too.

What do I mean by that? The next time you want to buy a little present for your pup or a gift for your kitty, you can choose something green.

You probably already know that green, earth-friendly and eco-conscious products are popular among humans. The same is true with humans that own pets.

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According to Pet Age magazine, eco-friendly and natural products for pets add up to big business for pet retailers. Quoting one report, Pet Age says consumers are demanding sustainable products, natural ingredients and more for their animals. Therefore, companies with any sort of eco-bent could end up with a lot of "green" by offering what pet parents want.

Given all this talk of green, I've rounded up six products that are earth friendly in one way or another. If you're looking to shop green in time for Earth Day 2018, I think you'll really enjoy these selections for dogs and cats.

Launch the gallery slideshow to learn more about these six products that are perfect for pets on Earth Day 2018.

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