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Baby Giraffe's Reaction to Camera at the 'San Diego Zoo Safari Park' Has People Obsessed

We could watch this footage all day long.

Exactly no one is able to resist the cuteness of baby animals, particularly when they take being adorable to the next level! That's exactly what happened with a baby giraffe, named Nuru, who resides at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

A video of the sweet little animal was shared on TikTok by the zoo's official account, @sandiegozoo, and in the clip, the giraffe seems to be curious about the camera that's focused on her, almost as if she knows someone is watching her. Just wait until you see what she does in an effort to check it out! 

A baby giraffe boop?! Have you ever seen anything more irresistible? What a little doll Nuru is. Needless to say, people who viewed the video are totally over-the-moon for this precious girl. One commenter, @Jonnie Loukili said, "I’m so in love 😍." We all are, too! Another TikTok viewer, @Sjo, actually had the pleasure of working with Nuru over the summer and added, "I MISS HER!! I interned and got to be with her this summer. Love you guys!!" And another fan of the park, @Yellow Goose Forge Blacksmith, noted, "One of my family’s most favorite places to go!!! Love your animals!"

But back to Nuru's cute camera gesture. Even the fast-food joint, @SONIC Drive-In couldn't resist chiming in, saying, "A baby giraffe boop 🥺." See? Nobody can resist this! And @jdickson29 proclaimed, "Made my day." It made ours, too!

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We'll look forward to following along with the Safari Park as time goes on so that we can watch little Nuru grow up. Fingers crossed for plenty more "boops" coming our way! 

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