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Baby Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo Tries to 'Hitch a Ride' in Irresistible Video

The little guy almost had it!

Fans who follow the Cincinnati Zoo on TikTok have been following along with the journey of Fritz, a new baby hippo who was born to mother hippo, Bibi, back in August. The little guy is learning the ropes from mom and his big sister, Fiona, and he's having quite the time exploring his habitat!

And a new video that was just shared by the zoo might be our favorite Fritz moment yet. Take a look at the clip, where he tries to hitch a ride through the water, presumably on mom Bibi's back. If you weren't already enamored with Fritz, this footage is sure to put you head over heels!  

Aww! Poor little thing fell right off! He sure gave it a good effort, though. Needless to say, Fritz's fans can't get enough of this cute and comical moment. One TikTok viewer, @electronmods simply stated, "He tried!" And @patrioticgloryhole joked, "No free rides!" There were also countless comments on how adorable the footage is!

Yet another recent irresistible Fritz moment came when he finally started interacting with Fiona, after mama Bibi allowed him to get close enough to her.

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Can you even stand it? We could watch videos of these hippos for hours, so we can only imagine what it's like to see Fritz and the rest of the gang in person. For anyone lucky enough to live in or near Cincinnati, it's about time to pay these sweet creatures a visit! 

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