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How Doggone Adorable! 15 Paw-Some Black Dog Breeds to Adopt


Pet lovers, have you ever heard of "black dog syndrome?" It's a very real thing—based on a 1998 study—in which black dogs are less likely to be adopted because they are perceived to be not as cute as some other pups. If that totally breaks your heart, then you know you're a real dog-lover.

All doggos deserve to be adopted and loved fur-ever, no matter their coat. If you're thinking of adopting a gorgeous black dog, check out 15 of the most adorable black dog breeds.

15 Adorable Black Dog Breeds

1. Schipperke


Schipperkes only come in black, and, boy, are they cuties. With pomeranian-esque (or even fox-like) faces, these rat-catching dogs originate from Belgium and are lovingly called "Shippies."

2. Belgian Sheepdog

Sheepdogs are usually on the larger side, but if you're specifically looking for a large, black dog, you'll love the Belgian Sheepdog. After all, this breed only comes in black (sometimes with a few white speckles peppered throughout their coat).

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3. Labrador Retriever

Who doesn't love a Lab?! One of the friendliest, happiest, and most-loving dog breeds there are, Labrador Retrievers are also one of the top breeds in the U.S. While Labs can come in several different-colored coats—chocolate and blonde—black Labs are also an option—an adorable one to boot!

4. Black Russian Terrier


Black Russian Terriers only ever come in black, and they're also usually very big. They make amazing guard dogs as, historically, they have been bred to patrol and protect.

5. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs come in so many different colors—even a very light, subtle lavender—but the black ones, in our humble opinion, are extra cute. Frenchies are a bit slobbery and have almost alien-like ears, but have you ever seen a pup so adorable?

6. Schnauzer

Black Schnauzers are made all the cuter by the appearance of "eyebrows" and "beards." But beyond their looks, these pups are really loving and smart, which makes them a great breed for families.

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7. Chihuahua

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All Chihuahuas may be tiny, but they're not always the same quintessential tan color. Many Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes are black, and though they might be yippy, they are always loyal to their paw-rents. (Although, maybe to no one else.)

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8. Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is definitely one of the more iconic black dog breeds, though they also come in gray, too. Affectionately called "Scotties," this black dog breed is known to be a little stubborn, but they make delightful, proud pets regardless.

9. Great Dane

As long as you're okay with adopting one of the biggest dog breeds there is, the Great Dane is another meaningful black dog breed. These dogs—which, TBH, are really more comparable to horses—can grow as tall as 32 inches. But size aside, Great Danes make wonderful, loyal family dogs.

10. Pomeranian


Don't you just love Pomeranians? Known as Poms or Pommies by their affectionate owners, these pups may be tiny, but they pack a punch. Their coats can be a bit much to take care of, and these dogs tend to have a habit of barking at nothing—and also, everything—but nobody loves as a Pom does. And the black Poms? Totally cute, like little black foxes.

11. Poodle

There are a few different subcategories (and therefore, sizes) of Poodle, but we can all agree there's nothing more regal than a black Poodle—whether it's a Toy, Miniature, or Standard Poodle. And if you don't want to go full Poodle, there are plenty of hybrid breeds to choose from: Yorkapoo, Cavaoo, Doodles, etc.

12. Staffordshire Terrier


AmStaffs or Staffies are known to have all different kinds of coloring, but black Staffordshire Terriers have an unmistakable glossy sheen to their coats. These pooches have very loyal and friendly personalities, and more often times than not, they enjoy cuddling with their humans.

13. Pug

When you think of pugs, it's likely to think of their usual apricot or fawn shades. But some pugs are black, too! If you're a pug-lover already, then you know pugs are a total vibe, and if you adopt this sweet and tiny breed into your family, the cuddles will never end.

14. Cocker Spaniel

Just like pugs, you may think of Cocker Spaniels as orange roan or liver and white in color, but Cocker Spaniels also come in black, black and tan, and even blue roan. They make awesome pets for families because they're not too big and not too small.

15. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland's coat is soft and cuddly, just like this breed's friendly personality. They're large dogs with kind dispositions, and throughout the years, they've been bred as strong swimmers.

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