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Bulldog's Luxurious Custom Dog House Has People Amazed

It even comes with its own water station.

Plenty of us are guilty of spoiling our pets like it's our job. And honestly, it kind of is, given that they're our babies and all. The parents of one pup in particular, however, just raised the bar in terms of what it looks like to truly pamper your pooch. 

They built their Bulldog, Eggnog, a custom dog house that attaches right to their bed, so that she can have her own space but still be near them. Did we mention that her pad comes complete with lights and its own water station? They gave us a video tour on the pup's TikTok account, @eggnogthebulldog, and it's downright impressive. You won't believe how posh this house is.

All we can say is, "wow!" That sure beats a tiny, wooden house in the back yard. If we didn't know any better, we'd also say that Eggnog looks so proud of her cute little abode, and we can't blame her! 

Not surprisingly, people who watched the clip are pretty blown away by Eggnog's sweet digs. One commenter, @mkmolumby said, "That’s amazing. I thought we spoiled our dogs. You should sell this. Great idea." Um, they really should consider marketing this thing. They'd have no problem getting orders!

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Another TikTok user, @Sunny days with dog added, "That is incredible! You are the best dog parents!" They truly are! And @Alicia made a great point about whose space this really is, saying, "That's the dog's room... period." HA! As it should be.

She might be a little bit more spoiled than some pups, but something tells us that Eggnog knows exactly how lucky she is. And in turn, it's clear that her parents only want the very best for their special, sweet, lovable girl! 

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