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'Miracle' Missing Cat Found in Calgary After 2 Years Serves As an Important Reminder

One small thing can make all the difference in the world.

It's safe to say that a woman named Wendy Syvret from Calgary, Canada is having quite an incredible week, and her story is warming hearts all over the world. Back in September of 2020, Wendy's cat, Epsy, escaped through a gap in her fence. After thoroughly searching the neighborhood and area in which she lives, there was no sign of Epsy, and eventually, Syvret had to give up hope and assume she was gone forever.

Fast forward to earlier this week, when she wound up coming across a post on Facebook that featured a missing cat who'd been found. According to Global News, Syvret said, "I saw that and I thought, 'there’s no way... She’s been gone two years, there’s no way this is my cat.'" But lo and behold, after a kind person took Epsy to the veterinarian, Syvret learned that her beloved cat was about to come home, all thanks to her microchip. Based on the video below, it's obvious that this sweet kitty is so happy to be back with her mom where she belongs.

Aww! It's always so wonderful to see stories that have a happy ending. Syvret also explained that Epsy was in rough shape when she was found, saying, "Someone picked her up and took her to the vet. They couldn’t even touch her, she was in so much pain from the matting of her fur. She’s lost the tips of her ears to frostbite, and they ended up sedating her so they could shave her."

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However, all things considered and given that Epsy was living on her own for so long, she's doing much better than expected. Syvret continued, "And then they did the blood work, and they said she’s in amazing shape for being outside for 2 years.” 

Epsy's miraculous return serves as such an important reminder to pet parents to microchip their animals. While no one thinks having a missing pet is something that will happen to them, you just never know when an animal might get loose. In the unfortunate event that it happens, having that microchip just might mean the difference between being reunited with a pet and them being lost forever. 

Syvret also believes that there were kind strangers looking out for Epsy, saying, "Some angels have been feeding her and they’ve been giving her some kind of shelter. Her feet and everything seem to be good and she’s happy." This just proves there really are angels on earth, indeed.

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