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4 Clear Ways That Cats Show Love and Trust for Their Humans Couldn't Be Sweeter

All of these behaviors show they care for you.

When it comes to household pets, it's no big secret that, for the most part, dogs tend to be more affectionate than cats. It's pretty easy to tell when a dog adores you and thinks you're their whole world. So, how can you tell whether or not your cat really loves you?

As it turns out, there are four clear signs to look out for. After seeing this TikTok video that was shared by @maymawpetuk, you'll want to pay attention when your cat does these specific things. Believe it or not, these behaviors show just how much they not only love, but trust you!

Aww! All of these make so much sense, don't they? After all, why else would they follow you, let them stroke you, sleep on you, or greet you with a big stretch, other than to show affection? (Well, aside from wanting to be fed, pet, and showered with attention, of course.)

All joking aside, it's so nice to know that our furry friends care about us just as much as we do them. People who viewed the video felt a sense of comfort after seeing it. One TikTok user, @Yoruichi said, "Sounds about right. It’s reassuring to see this." Another viewer simply stated, "Thank you," after getting confirmation that their cat loves them. 

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Of course, we are talking about cats, here, so somebody had to bring a little comedy into the room. Commenter @Sarah Wolf joked, You left out 'if your cat insists on watching you go to the bathroom.'" HA! Cats, dogs, kids -- no parent is permitted to use the bathroom alone. Another viewer, @dklinix added, "Fine line between love and dominance with these ones." Very true. But let's just go with, "they love us" and call it a day, shall we?

The next time your sweet little feline goes out of their way to be near you, go ahead and take it as a sign that you're doing something right as a pet parent. 

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