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Moment Chimpanzee at Kansas Zoo Reunites With Her Baby Is Touching Hearts

This has everyone in tears!

Earlier this week, a chimpanzee named Mahale at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas underwent an emergency Caesarian section when her labor was not progressing. The team of OB-GYN doctors and veterinary staff did an outstanding job, and baby boy was brought into the world safely and successfully.

And yesterday, the Zoo shared a heartwarming video of Mahale being reunited with her new little arrival, 2 days after delivering him. To say that the moment she realizes her newborn child is right in front of her is emotional is a major understatement. You might want to grab tissues before watching this.

Just... WOW.. Is this one of the most beautiful things you've ever witnessed, or what? In the clip, we could hear Zoo staff getting choked up at the sight, and so many viewers were also moved to tears.

One Facebook user, Amy Scheer said, "Oh my goodness!! Sobbing!! The way she sees that little hand and rushes to hold her baby!! So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing." Another commenter Monisa L. Fraser added, "This is a true and special depiction of a mother's unconditional love!" It certainly is. And Facebook viewer Tanna Dickey summed up how we all feel perfectly, saying, "This is the most incredible video I’ve ever seen. Made me cry my eyes out!" 

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Yesterday, the Zoo also shared this absolutely precious video of mama nursing her newborn.

If that isn't enough to tug at your heartstrings, take a look at this close-up photo of the little chimpanzee. 

Can you even? We'll be anxiously awaiting more updates (and footage) of Mahale and her precious little guy. They certainly are two peas in a pod! 

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