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Cincinnati Zoo's 3 New Rescue Manatees Are Impossible to Resist

Soleil, Calliope, and Piccolina are the newest members of the crew!

It looks like congratulations are in order for the Cincinnati Zoo! They just welcomed three new rescue manatees into their care, and they seem to be adjusting "swimmingly" to their new home.

A video of Soleil, Calliope, and Piccolina was shared on TikTok by zookeeper @sarahbird__, and let's just go ahead and say that it's impossible not to fall in love with these three beauties. 

As the caption states, they might weigh in at 350 pounds, but they truly are little loves! She also let us know that while the goal is ultimately to release these manatees back into the wild, they have to reach the weight of 600 pounds to be considered for it.

We have to say, we love that the Cincinnati Zoo makes rehabilitation and release a priority. TikTok viewers are delighted with these precious creatures and were quick to chime in with comments. One user, @Zachary noted, "They look like they belong to a book club." They really do, haha! Another commenter, @annalieziti added, " I went to the Cincinnati Zoo last year just to see the manatees. Absolutely worth the 5 hour drive. I watched them for 45 minutes."

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The Zoo also shared a video of the animals arriving into their care on their dedicated TikTok account, @cincinnatizoo.

We love their dedication to caring for these precious animals! Visitors to the Zoo will no doubt be anxious to meet these three new arrivals. If you happen to be within driving distance of Cincinnati, you might want to put paying them a visit on your holiday bucket list! 

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