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Video of Dogs at Day Care Showing Off Their Halloween Costumes Is Everything

Who says dogs don't love Halloween just as much as humans?

Halloween is one of the most entertaining nights of the year, especially for pet parents who love to dress up their fur babies! And one dog day care in Omaha had an extra good time yesterday, as quite a few of their pups got dropped off in their fancy Halloween duds.

From Dumbo to a coffee barista to -- wait for it -- a sushi roll, it's a toss up as to which pup's costume takes the top spot! Check them all out and judge for yourself! 

Awww! They're all so adorable, though it appears as if a few of them weren't so sure about their Halloween get-ups! (Taco definitely wasn't feeling his cowboy attire, that's for sure.)

Needless to say, people who viewed the clip were just delighted with the doggie costume montage. One commenter, @Anarchy said, BEST. JOB. EVER! Calling adorable pups in costumes to come to you. Ahh, I’m jelly. They’re all sooo cute!" And @LanaDylan21 chimed in with, "The serotonin boost I needed today." We're all feeling the extra happiness after watching these pups!

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Another TikTok viewer, @Mumsspaghetti added, "I'm not a fan of Halloween, but THIS I can get behind! They should dress up every day." Huh. Something tells us the humans would probably be more into that than the dogs. But hey, you never know?

Then there was the popular cosmetics brand, @urbandecay who simply stated, "Best video ever! Can’t decide which is our favorite! All of them are so good!" It's so true! Given how sweet each of these dogs are, it's tough to crown one as "best dressed." 

On an un-Halloween related note, it sure looks like the staff at this particular dog day care loves their jobs just as much as they adore these precious pets. The dog moms and dads who drop their little ones off here each day can rest assured that they're getting plenty of love, enrichment, and, of course, treats! 

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