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Dog Dad Ranks the Top 5 Pup-Friendly National Parks in the United States

Number one is a true east coast gem.

If you're looking for a wonderful vacation idea where your pup can have just as much fun as you, look no further than one of America's stunning National Parks! From coast to coast, there are so many incredible places to relax, recharge, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Of course, some parks are a bit more dog-friendly than others, and now we have some insight into which ones are the best for our four-legged friends. TikTok creator @yankeevondoodle shared a new video ranking his picks for the top 5 National Parks for dogs. We might be biased, but the park that took the top spot just might be the best for humans, too.

While all of these parks are gorgeous for their own specific reasons, the combination of the mountains and coastline at Acadia National Park in Maine just can't be topped! People who watched the clip are more than ready for adventures with their own pups. One commenter, @Thetwoagoutis said, "The kind of content I’m here for. We did Great Sand Dunes, Petrified Forest NP, Grand Canyon NP, and a few national forests last year." Sounds like they should do their own ranking of parks!

Another TikTok viewer, @CMR added, "Acadia was great! Dog-friendly shuttle, motels, and restaurants (outdoor). We did a lot of hiking with the pups!" Then there was @Alexandra Coults, who had another park suggestion that didn't make the list. She noted, "I found Yosemite very dog-friendly considering most of California parks are not!" Good to know. There are probably lots of other parks across the nation that also cater to pups that people might not be familiar with.

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And @CowDogMom asked the one question that was on all of our minds after seeing the video: "Why are they the most dog-friendly? Are there leash laws?" The creator replied with, "I based the rankings on dog-friendly trails and areas of the park. Certain parks only allow dogs in campgrounds or paved areas." That makes a ton of sense!

Wherever you choose to head with your best friend, one thing's for sure. Taking a trip to one of our country's National, or State Parks, for that matter, is an adventure that neither humans nor dogs will ever forget. Seize the day and appreciate every moment you have with your furry friend!

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