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Pet Parents' Easy Trick for Getting Their Dog to Take Her Pill Is Brilliant

We can't get over how genius this is.

When it comes to getting our pets to take their medication, let's just say it's no easy feat! The last thing we want to do is try and force a pill into the back of their throat. Because of that, a lot of us resort to things like pill pockets, or trying to mask the tablet in a little bit of peanut butter or cream cheese. Some pups, however, are just way too smart for those methods and will strategically eat the treat part while spitting out the pill!

One pair of pet parents, however, has come up with a genius solution to tricking their dog, Daisy, into taking her meds. They shared a video of the hack on their TikTok account, @thedaisydoodlegirl, and once you see it, you'll definitely want to give it a try. It's really no wonder that the clip is going viral. Watch, and learn.

We love it! Isn't this absolutely brilliant? What dog doesn't want to devour a piece of whatever meat their parents are slicing up for dinner? Granted, Daisy did get bamboozled in this clip, but she did take the pill, which was the ultimate goal. 

People are totally loving this innovative hack. One TikTok user, @evilsnowflakes laughed after watching, saying, "She has to be convinced she's committing a crime to take her pill? That's hysterical." Daisy's parents replied with, "Absolutely. If we just hand it to her, she knows it's a pill covered in a treat." Sounds like Daisy is a pretty smart cookie!

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Another commenter, @cassandrajourdan added, "I was a pet store manager for 5 years, and if pill pockets didn’t work, this is exactly what I recommended. 9/10 times it works." Clearly, it fooled Daisy!

And then there is @Northerngirllmt, who thinks this is definitely worth a shot with her pup, saying, "Brilliant! My dog gets away with half a pack of roast beef, half a cup of peanut butter, 6 pieces of cheese, and spits out the medicine." Sure sounds about right!

Don't you just love how you can always count on TikTok to share the best pieces of advice? The next time your dog needs to take a pill, you can't go wrong in giving this trick a try! 

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