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Rescued Beagle Becomes Florida Fire Department's First 'Four-Legged Crew Member'

The pup is appropriately named, "Captain."

With heartwarming stories about the Beagles who were rescued from a mass breeding facility in Virginia pouring in, we can't help but smile every time one of them finds their forever home. And one pup, in particular, not only found a loving and safe place to call his own, but he has an entire group of people showering him with affection on a daily basis.

The Beagle, appropriately named, "Captain," is the newest member of the Treasure Island Fire Department in Florida, and he also happens to be their first "four-legged" crew member. In this video from Fox13, Fire Chief Tripp Barrs explains what led the department to add Captain to the team. 

OMG. As if this story weren't wonderful enough, Captain even has his very own ID badge to make him official! And while this isn't a traditional home for a pet, as Chief Barrs explained, "It is a 24-hour a day shift, he's constantly got somebody petting, feeding him, walking him, he's going to have a good life." We have no doubt about that. What a touching gesture for the department to go above and beyond to help an animal in need. We can't even begin to imagine the relief that Captain must feel.

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As the Chief noted, "He's always happy to see us no matter what." And something tells us the feeling is mutual between every single member of the fire department crew. Chief Barrs also added, "I don't know if he knows yet how much we really do appreciate having him around." We're pretty confident that Captain senses that he's in the presence of people who love him. He might have had a tough start in life, but this precious pup is exactly where he's meant to be with a very bright future ahead of him! 

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