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Cute Video Shares 3 Interesting Facts About Rabbits Most People Don't Know

We had zero clue about number two!

Having a pet rabbit can be just as rewarding as having a cat or a dog! Bunnies are definitely gaining in popularity as far as household animals go, and it's hard to deny just how adorable they are. However, it's fairly safe to say that a lot of people probably don't know too much about how to care for them unless they've had one.

A new TikTok video that was shared by @honeys_bunnies fills us in on three little-known facts about rabbits that just might come as a surprise. We have to say, we had no idea about number two (or three for that matter).

Whoa! They have 28 teeth? And their little tummies can't regurgitate? And they aren't supposed to have baths? Who knew? The video creator was quick to jump in with a slight correction to the video after posting it, saying, "*Correction* rabbits do fart but are both silent and scentless to humans." Ah, good to know.

People who watched the clip are just as intrigued by this new information as we are. One commenter, @ToffeAndOscar said, "This is so good to know for new bunny owners!" Very true! Another TikTok viewer, @Angela Brown added, "Thank you for this. More people need educated." Then there was @marciabarabash10, who added, "This is interesting. I didn't really know anything about rabbits. Thank you for setting us straight."

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More than one person who saw the video thinks the creator should post a follow-up. @Zen suggested, "Part 2? I’m thinking of getting a rabbit, I have previously owned one, but I’d like to be sure."

It's always so interesting to learn fun facts about our furry little friends that we might not have known otherwise. One thing's for sure, you never know just what you might learn on any given day simply by taking a scroll through TikTok!

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