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Cat Named 'Garfield' Hailed a Hero for Saving Massachusetts Man's Life

He never would've known he was in danger if not for Garfield.

It's been said that animals can sense things that humans simply aren't aware of, and one Massachusetts man believes he's living proof of that. When 69-year-old Thomas Williams recently adopted a cat named "Garfield," he thought he was getting a trusty companion. But little did he know that Garfield is so much more than a precious pet!

As Williams, who is an amputee, explains in this video from NBC Boston, he couldn't understand why his new friend kept pawing at his leg. He said, "He just kept sniffing my legs, and I said, 'What's he doing?... And he got under my wheelchair, and he kept taking his paw, just poking at me.'" Just wait until you hear what doctors discovered as a result of this cat's persistence.

Isn't it amazing how this smart kitty realized there was something terribly wrong with Williams' leg? It's just so incredible how animals can detect these sorts of things. Had Garfield not kept bugging him, he might not have alerted the visiting nurse, and that blood clot might have never been discovered! 

Garfield was clearly watching out for him, and that realization certainly isn't lost on him. Williams added, "Like a guardian angel from heaven. God put him in my life, and I'm glad he did." Given that it's also believed that this poor cat was abused by his previous owner, something tells us that Garfield feels exactly the same way about Williams. The two of them were clearly meant to be together! How's that old saying go? Who rescued who? In this case, it's a toss up for sure.

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