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Golden Retriever's Birthday 'Barkuterie Board' Is As Genius As It Gets

Watching the pup devour this board is beyond satisfying.

It's no big secret that charcuterie boards are all the rage these days. Whether you're serving them up at a party, intimate family gathering, or even just enjoying a quiet night at home, you can't beat the range of snacks they provide.

Apparently one dog parent decided that their Golden Retriever deserved to experience the magic of charcuterie as a special birthday treat. May we present what might be the first ever (or at least the first we've seen) "barkuterie board." Check out the video of the board, which was shared on TikTok by @thelivesoflucyandlady. It's seriously nothing short of genius.

Is this sweet gal livin' the dream, or what? Between the "Happy Birthday" dog bone, berries, apple slices, carrots, and what appears to be a nice serving of yogurt and possibly peanut butter, it's pretty safe to say this pup was in her glory that day.

People who watched this precious dog enjoying her treats can't get enough of her or the barkuterie board! One viewer, @Aleia joked, "My dogs would have swallowed the whole thing at once, including the board." The video creator replied with, "Thankfully, the board is marble and she’s very gentle!!" LOL this is true!

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Another commenter, @KathyDoheny added, "It’s cute how she is randomly choosing!" It really is! She's honestly sampling her snacks the same way humans do. And viewer @Geri_R asked the perfect question: "Why did you stop recording... I literally would have watched her eat the whole thing!!" Ha! Everyone watching would have. 

But perhaps the winning comment goes to @walker0522 who noted, "Doggie chewing - best sounds ever. Human doing same thing? We throwing hands!" We're cracking up because it's so true!

Whenever we need a moment of serenity or pure dose of cuteness, we're going straight back to this video. In the meantime, we'll be making a list of goodies to add to our own pups' barkuterie boards for future celebrations.

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