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Golden Retriever Supports NYC Marathon Runners in Uplifting Video

This pup was all the motivation they needed!

Yesterday couldn't have been a better day for the New York City marathon. With unseasonably warm temperatures in the northeast, runners didn't have to worry about their muscles getting cold!

And many of the marathon participants were also treated to another special perk on the sidelines of the race. One very supportive Golden Retriever came out to cheer them on, and some runners even stopped to get a kiss from this sweet pup! Watch how happy they are after spotting this precious pooch in @bethstirlingunderwood's video.

Aww! That sweet Golden looked so happy to be there, especially given all of the fuss and extra attention! After all, who could possibly resist seeing such a precious ball of fluff in the crowd of attendees? Priceless.

People who watched the clip were equally as delighted as marathon runners. One TikTok user, @Kate, noted, "How he turns his head for a kiss." The video poster replied with, "He wanted to steal the little stuffy on her arm." Well, bless his little heart!

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Another fan of this pup, @Ximena Lopez said what we're all thinking: "See, I would just stop to pet and never leave." Who wouldn't?! And then there was this gem-of-a-comment from @EMMA: "Added darn near 10 minutes to my marathon time from all the dogs I stopped to pet. Worth every second." Totally worth it for sure! 

Everyone agrees that all the dogs along the route, this Golden included, provided the perfect motivation for participants to keep on going. The creator of the video sent out her wishes of congratulations, and we echo her sentiments in praising them all on a job well done!

On a side note, we sure hope this sweet boy got some good treats as a nice reward for being such an integral part of the cheering section. He certainly deserved them!

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