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Easy Recipe for 'Pumpkin Doggie Donuts' Is a Healthy Treat Pups Will Flip For

These are wholesome treats pet parents can feel good about.

Considering how much love, loyalty, and affection our pups give us, it's no wonder that we love to reward them with treats! With gourmet dog bakeries popping up all over the place, there's no shortage of places to pick up some tasty biscuits or cookies. But if you really want to go above and beyond for your dog, you have to check out this easy recipe for homemade pumpkin doggie donuts!

It was shared on TikTok by @threepupperteers, and it's enough to make any pooch salivate. Made with just five wholesome ingredients, you can feel good about giving your "goodest" boys and girls the healthiest treats out there. As a bonus, the baker in this video is accompanied by one of the cutest doggie chef assistants we've ever seen. 

We'd give anything to have that pup in the kitchen with us! What a wonderful little helper. As for these treats? What dog wouldn't absolutely flip for them? We love that they're drizzled with peanut butter, too. Such a nice little added touch.

Pet parents are loving this recipe, although, most of them couldn't resist commenting on the dog in the clip. One viewer, @owlgal86 said, "Lol I love him. His eyes always look so huge and focused." Another commenter, @Connie Pharr added, "There’s my favorite sous chef." Ours, too! And @Live, laugh, leave chimed in with, "All your videos bring me joy." Indeed, it's tough not to smile while watching this!

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Clearly, these pumpkin donuts are 100% pup-approved. Any dog would be absolutely thrilled for mom and/or dad to whip up these special fall treats! 

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