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Veterinarian Shares 4 Steps to Performing CPR on a Dog

Knowing this technique could save a pet's life.

The last thing we ever want to conceive of is something happening to one of our precious fur babies. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do occur that we aren't able to prevent. That's why it's so important for pet parents to know and understand basic pet safety.

For example, would you know what to do if your dog or cat stopped breathing, due to choking or some other hazard? Knowing how to perform CPR on a pet at home might make all the difference in saving their life. TikTok creator @dr.adamchristman52 just shared a video explaining the four basic steps to performing CPR on a dog.

To recap, the four steps are:

1. Place your pet with their left side up.

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2. Be sure your pet's airway is clear and nothing is stuck in it.

3. Lock your hands and elbows, bend from the waist, and do between 100 and 120 compressions per minute.

4. Give your pet a breath after you do 30 compressions, but don't tip your dog's head up to you.

This is such crucial information to keep in your back pocket! And if you have a smaller dog or a cat, Dr. Christman and his vet tech also shared a second video explaining the changes to CPR that you'll want to make.

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of our beloved animals, we really can't be too careful. Be sure to watch these videos from time to time to refresh yourself on how to perform CPR in the unlikely event that your pet stops breathing. And also pass these clips along to your family and friends who have dogs and cats. You never know who might need to take action on this information at some point in the future!

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