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Veterinarians Share 6 Human Foods That Are Highly Toxic to Dogs in Viral Video

Some of these are more obvious than others.

We all love to spoil our fur babies, and sometimes, it's just so tough to resist giving them scraps from the table. When they look up at us with their sweet, little eyes while licking their chops, we might tend to think, "Just one little taste won't hurt." And while in some cases, that might be true, there are certain human foods that are extremely toxic to dogs.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @ascendvets, they share a list of foods that pet parents should NEVER give their dogs under any circumstances. While some might be more obvious than others, you'll want to be sure you know all of these.

Chocolate is definitely no big surprise, and neither are grapes and onions. But avocados, garlic, and macadamia nuts? Those foods might not be on everyone's radar as being toxic to pets. This is definitely some great information to keep in your back pocket.

People who watched the clip were quick to mention other foods that are potentially harmful to pups. One commenter, @shelby pointed out that they should never have, "...anything sugar free, specifically with xylitol." This is so true, as xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Another TikTok viewer, @Cassie Duvall Nielso issued another word of warning, saying, "I almost got canceled for letting my dog try avocado. Don't do it." 

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Of course, many people wanted to know why, exactly, each particular food can be harmful to dogs, especially avocados. According to the ASPCA, avocados contain persin, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. 

When it comes to the health and safety of our beloved pets, we can really never be too careful. Before sharing any table food with your dog or introducing anything new to their diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian first. They know your individual pup, and they'll know what's best for them! 

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