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Kate Middleton's Brother Introduces Future 'Guide Dog' Puppy Whose Name Honors Queen Elizabeth

This pup has such a bright future ahead of him.

Anyone who's familiar with the new Princess of Wales', Kate Middleton's, family knows that her brother, James Middleton, is a dedicated dog dad and animal ambassador. And anyone who follows his Instagram account, @jmidy, knows that it's filled with countless precious dog photos. 

One of his beloved pups, Mabel, recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, and he shared the news in this Instagram post in late August. 

As you can see in the caption, he teased a piece of "very exciting news" that he was waiting to share about one of the new pups. And just a little while ago, he spilled the beans on the big secret he's been keeping.

One of these sweet little guys has quite the future ahead of him, as James has donated him to @guidedogsuk to be trained as an assistance dog. Just wait until you hear his name, which honors Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth.

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Bertie, to remember the Queen's father, whose given name was Albert. Could this possibly be sweeter or any more fitting? James' Instagram followers are just as delighted with Bertie's new role as we are. One commenter, @kellcov wrote, "How lovely. Good luck, Bertie, you will transform someone’s life." Truer words were never spoken!

Another follower, @julie_norcal echoed that sentiment, saying, "This is wonderful!! Bertie is going to do so well and bring so much help and joy to someone's life!!" Quite a few other people who were pleased with the post noted what a wonderful gesture this was on James' part. It must be such a good feeling to know that Bertie's destiny is to become a constant source of security, companionship, and love for someone who desperately needs him.

We'll look forward to following along with Bertie's journey, and we'll be anxiously awaiting more updates on his new adventure. Everyone wishes this precious pup the very best! 

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