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Jennifer Aniston's Beloved Dogs Steal the Show at Her 'Allure' Photoshoot

Fans were so delighted to see the pups.

It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston is one very dedicated dog mom. The actress has three pups, Lord Chesterfield, Clyde, and Sophie, who adore her just as much as she does them! In what is no doubt an incredible honor, Jen is the featured cover model for the very last print issue of Allure magazine, marking a huge milestone in the publication's history.

She gave fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of her photoshoot on Instagram earlier today. And while no one can argue that she looks absolutely stunning, it's Clyde and Lord Chesterfield who nabbed some of the spotlight, as they came along with mom for the ride.

How precious! It looks like Lord Chesterfield got a little closer to the action than Clyde. He's looking up at Jen as if to say, "Way to go, Mom! Work it!" He really does look interested in and excited about what she's doing, doesn't he? What a sweetheart. Fans were delighted the pups got to tag along, and one commenter, @kjen84 even noted, "Dogs stealing the show for sure." 

Okay, okay, so we all know the pups didn't completely steal her thunder. This is one of the most beautiful, fit women in the world, after all. Nonetheless, it's pretty tough to resist them.

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Back in August, Jen shared this sweet photo of herself relaxing at home with these two precious dogs.

This little family is clearly livin' the dream, though it's tough to say who is the luckiest out of all of them! (Let's just go ahead and call it a tie.)

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