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Kate Beckinsale's Pomeranian Gives Her a Pint-Sized 'High Five'

This might be the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Actress Kate Beckinsale is quite active on social media, and lucky for us, she isn't hesitant about sharing photos and videos of her precious pets! While the majority of her fur baby posts are centered around her very posh cats, her Pomeranian, Myf, makes a star-worthy appearance now and then, too.

Just wait until you see this new video of the pup giving mum Kate the tiniest little high five you've ever seen. To say this clip is irresistible is a major understatement.

That is one seriously proud pooch! Granted, the dog simply thought a paw was being offered, but it sure looks close enough to a high five for us.

Kate's followers thought the video was just too cute, and some of them chimed in with comments. One fan, @smallsamhere said, "It’s cool when pets act like us." It truly is! We can't get enough of them engaging in human-life behaviors. Another follower, @goldenraintree1223 added, "She a beauty and so smart just like her Mum!" Indeed!

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A few months ago, another one of Myf's moments with mum gained quite a bit of attention. We dare you to try and resist this cute Lady and the Tramp scene recreation!

Aww. These two could seriously have their own Disney movie, co-starring Kate's ever-so-stylish cats!

We'll be keeping our eyes out for more can't-miss Myf moments. This little pooch is just too sweet for words!

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