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Video Showing How Koala Joeys Are Weighed During Rehabilitation Is Downright Precious

This method helps them feel safe and secure.

Australia is known for its many incredible species of wildlife, and one of the most beloved is obviously the koala. Even people who have never visited the land Down Under have an affinity for these gentle creatures. And when it comes to koala joeys, it's practically impossible not to fall completely in love with them.

If you weren't already totally smitten, you surely will be after seeing a video from TikTok creator @ifawglobal, which shows how rescue organizations weigh these little koalas while they're undergoing rehabilitation. All we can say is, be prepared for the most epic dose of cuteness you've ever seen. (You've been warned.)

Can you even handle this? We sure can't. There really just isn't anything much more innocent than seeing a tiny koala cuddling a stuffed animal like they would their mother. (Sniff, sniff.)

Needless to say, people who watched this video can't get enough of it. One commenter, @susiepark13 is a huge fan, saying, "I lost count of how many times I have watched this so far." Us too, Susie! Another TikTok viewer, @emily added, "Well now I'm crying, so thanks for that." The clip is honestly enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes, what with how innocent and sweet it is. 

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And yet another fan of the video, @mpw2302 asked the question that's on all of our minds after seeing this: "Where do I get this job?" Just about anyone would certainly jump out of bed in the morning to go to work with these special animals.

We can't help but give a shout out to the wonderful people who devote their time to the rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of the koala species. Seeing work like this restores our faith in humanity! 

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