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Little Boy Vows to 'Never Let Go' of His Beloved Horse in Video That's Capturing Hearts

The love between these two is absolutely beautiful.

The bonds that children share with their pets are so unbreakable, especially when the two of them grow up together. But while most kids spend their days cuddling dogs and cats, one little boy named Kolten is catching plenty of attention on TikTok because of his adorable bond with his beloved horse, MayMay. (Side note: he does have a dog, Nala, who he adores, too.)

Kolten's mom shares videos showcasing the friendship he shares with MayMay on the family's TikTok account, @maple_nala, and one of the latest clips posted is melting hearts everywhere. Just wait until you see this precious little boy vowing to "never let go" of MayMay. We honestly can't get enough of these two.

Does that pretty much define "cuteness overload," or what? It's so obvious that this horse cares just as much for Kolten as he does for her. People who follow the account are understandably falling in love with this video. One TikTok user, @Black Wonder Woman noted, "MayMay knows that’s her little human." She certainly does! Another commenter, @Lisa thinks their sweet bond has star potential, saying, "That boy… that horse… pure LOVE. Pretty sure it's a children's book in the making." It really could be! And @Carolyn McDonald added, "Love when he lets go, she looks at him like, "get back here, I need you to hug me more,'" It's so true!

If there were ever any doubt that these two will be best friends for life after seeing that clip, this viral video of Kolten calling out to MayMay should seal the deal.

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These videos always seem to make our day, and we can't wait to see more of MayMay and Kolten's sweet adventures together as time goes on. 

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