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Martha Stewart Introduces Her Two New Bengal Kittens in Precious TikTok Video

One viewer picked out the perfect names for these two!

It looks like congratulations are in order for the queen of incredible recipes, beautiful decor, and perfect DIY crafts. Martha Stewart just added a pair of Bengal kittens to her household, and the brother and sister pair are already capturing people's attention!

Martha gave them a very fitting, 2022-esque proper intro, by sharing a video of the little cats on TikTok. (Where else?) While she didn't reveal the names of the Bengals, she did give us a good glimpse of just how adorable - and mischievous - they are. As soon as you see these precious kitties, we guarantee you'll fall in love.

Could they be any sweeter? Bengals are such incredible cats. Though, something tells us she's going to have her hands full with these two running around. Then again, if anyone can manage to wrangle two kittens, it's Martha for sure.

People who watched the clip can't get enough of these frisky felines. One TikTok viewer, @tiffany noted, "Bengals are insane in the absolute most wonderful way. Enjoy them!!!" Another commenter, @Sofia Esquivel added, "OMG!! I have sibling Bengals too. They have lots of energy and are very talkative." We can only imagine! And @Christina Rounds had a bit of a warning for Martha, saying, "Awww so beautiful! Congratulations. It will be very crazy for quite sometime!" It might be crazy, but we're sure it'll be more than worth it.

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Of course, exactly everyone is curious as to what the kittens' names are. If Martha hasn't chosen them yet, one viewer in particular, @Dr. Karla had the perfect suggestion: Snoop and Dogg. How appropriate would that be? We'll be keeping an eye out for any updates on this beautiful little pair. 

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