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Grandma's Custom 'Slobber Bibs' for Newfoundland Dog Are a Stroke of Genius

So many pet parents are eager to get one!

No one can argue that Newfoundlands are one of the most lovable dog breeds out there. While they might be incredibly large in size, they're big, fluffy teddy bears who capture the hearts of everyone they meet! One "Newfie" in particular, named Ted, has an incredibly close bond with his Nana, and it's clear that she loves to spoil this sweet boy. We get to see just how much she adores her grand-pup in a new video that was shared on TikTok by @tedthenewfoundland.

Another classic characteristic of Newfies is that then tend to slobber a bit, so Nana came up with the perfect solution. She makes Ted his very own custom "slobber bibs," and we can't get over how cute they are! This idea is truly a stroke of genius, to the point where the video creator is wondering if she might be able to sell the bibs to other pet parents who have a need for them. Take a look at how sharp Ted looks in his bib!

As one popular TikTok sound would say, "Look at that distinguished gentleman!" Ted is certainly stylin' in his tuxedo-esque bib, and it's no surprise that people who viewed the clip think selling the bibs is a great idea. Replying to the question in the caption of whether or not anyone would order one of these, one commenter, @The Kid said, "We would want one. Maybe two." Another fan of the bib, @Sarah added, "Yes absolutely! I have 2 English Mastiffs and this would be great!" And @hannah8214 chimed in with, "Oh my goodness, yes! My aunt has a Pittie who could use one!" No doubt, there are plenty of breeds who could make good use out of them.

It sure sounds like Nana will definitely have orders rolling in if she decides to market these adorable creations. We'll certainly be rooting for her, and something tells us Ted will, too! 

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