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Animals at the Oregon Zoo Celebrate the First Day of Fall in the Most Fitting Way

They got to indulge in a very special treat!

Fall has finally arrived, and we all know what that means! Our days will be filled with crisp, cooler air, walking through freshly-fallen leaves, and, of course, enjoying all of our favorite autumn treats. And apparently humans aren't the only ones who go wild for all things pumpkin-related this time of year.

To celebrate the first day of fall, animals at the Oregon Zoo were treated to their own season-inspired festivities. We must say, we couldn't think of a more fitting way for them to kick things off. Watch just how much they're enjoying their autumn-inspired "gourd" time in this video that was shared on the zoo's TikTok account

LOL, the bear really went to town, as did the elephants! Might we add that the polar bear was surprisingly delicate in digging into that carved pumpkin, and the rhino's crunch was just irresistible.

With over 1.3 million views, it's safe to say that TikTok viewers are loving this precious footage. One commenter, @alyoshakaramazov noted, "I love how so many animals love pumpkins. Truly a universal food and toy." It's so true! They all seemed so delighted to have the change to dig into one. Another commenter, @Cian D'Arcy added, "Omg that crunch is so satisfying." It truly is. We could watch this video on repeat all day long. And another fan of the video, @mooshroom didn't even realize fall was upon us, saying, "Love that this is the way I find out it's the first day of fall." HA! Something tells us quite a few other TikTok users are thinking the same thing. The Oregon Zoo threw in a fun little joke and replied with, "A very gourd way to find out."

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It's so sweet that the caretakers at the zoo wanted to do something fun for these very deserving animals. We can't help but wonder what other kinds of treats (or tricks?!) they have up their sleeves for when Halloween rolls around? We'll stay tuned to find out.

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