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Video of Otter 'Begging for Another Kiss' Is So Sweet and Wholesome

Olivia clearly loves her caretaker so much.

The animals at Animal EDventure Park and Safari in Boynton Beach, Florida are showered with so much love an affection from their caretakers. This couldn't be more evident than in a new video that the park shared on their TikTok account, @animaledventures

In the clip, we have the pleasure of meeting Olivia the otter, as she gets a kiss from one of her beloved family members. Apparently one kiss just wasn't enough for this sweet gal. Watch how she adorably begs him for another smooch!

Aww! Could she possibly be any sweeter? What a little doll she is. Not surprisingly, people who watched the video are falling in love with this precious otter. One TikTok viewer, @Ariel Kathleen Tilley proclaimed, "If I knew that baby, I’d stop my antidepressants ASAP." The park replied with, "Come visit her!"

Another fan of Olivia, @Reb asked, "Where do I sign up? Will work for free as long as these cuddles are included." We think it's pretty safe to say that plenty of people would gladly do this gig for free to get up close and personal with Olivia!

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Yet another commenter, @Heather Gimple added, "And now I need time to snuggle with an otter." Don't we all?!

This isn't Olivia's first appearance on TikTok, and it seems as though she has plenty of love to go around! Check out this earlier clip of her snuggling up to a little girl.

That child will have memories to cherish forever - and not just with Olivia! According to their website, this park is a small, family-run business, and they rescue and adopt most of the animals living there. If you want to get a better glimpse of Olivia in action, be sure to make a reservation to tour the park if you happen to be in the Boynton Beach area!

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