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Videos of Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Animals Saying Their Final Goodbyes Are So Poignant

People are getting so emotional over seeing the pets.

So many of us watched all or part of the late Queen Elizabeth II's funeral yesterday. It's one of those moments in history that left its mark all over the world. Of course, each of us have certain points in the ceremonies that really hit home and made tuning in even more heartbreaking.

For a great number of us, seeing the Queen's beloved Corgis, Muick and Sandy, and her horse, Emma, awaiting her coffin and saying one final goodbye is something we'll never forget. Nothing quite compares to the bond shared between pets and their adoring parents. The fact that these animals were present as the former monarch took her last ride to Westminster Abbey speaks volumes about the love they shared with her.

If we didn't know any better, we'd say her sweet Corgis knew something incredibly significant was happening here.

People who viewed the clip were so incredibly moved by seeing the pups waiting for her. One commenter, @jdc20181 summed up the scene perfectly, saying, "That is so sad but so wonderful they brought them. They do have feelings, and you can tell she treated them just as her kin, as family." Indeed, she did. Another viewer, @jeanneion noted, "It's so sad that the dogs don't know they will never see the Queen again." It's tough not to wonder how any animal feels whenever their owner passes on. Our hearts break for them.

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And then there was the Queen's pony, Emma, who gave a kick of her leg as the coffin procession came by, as if to salute Her Majesty for one last time.

As TikTok user @cido simply stated, "The last curtsy from Emma to the queen." And then there was viewer @Samantha, who pointed out a key detail you might not have noticed, saying, "Emma having the Queens scarf on her back." What a beautiful way to pay tribute to the bond the two of them shared.

We have no doubt that these incredible pets will miss their beloved mummy, but the Queen can look down from above knowing that they're in incredibly loving, capable hands. If only Her Majesty knew the many different ways that her legacy touched and will continue to inspire people all over the world for years to come.

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