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Story of Rescued Bald Eagle Named 'Tiptoe' Is Capturing People's Hearts

She's so eager to get back on her feet again.

One resident at Red Creek Wildlife Center in Pennsylvania is making quite the impression on TikTok, thanks to her inspiring road-to-recovery story. "Tiptoe the Tap-Dancing Eagle" was taken to the wildlife center back in March. The poor thing had been found injured underneath a telephone pole. 

As is explained in a new video shared on the center's account, @redcreekwildlifecenter, Tiptoe did not have any broken bones but was still not able to walk. She's spent months recovering and getting physical therapy, and so many people are inspired by her story! Watch the video to learn more about this incredible bald eagle.

Isn't she beautiful? It's just so wonderful to see her walking again, and it really does look like she's in capable, loving hands and is being so well-cared for. Not surprisingly, people are falling in love with Tiptoe and her story after viewing the clip. One commenter, @Mikhail M said, "Her little stomps made me so happy at the end." And we're guessing those little stomps are what earned this beauty her very fitting name!

Another TikTok user, @Gretchen A. added, "The gamut of emotions I experience on TikTok is so unreal. I'll laugh and laugh through videos and instantly be crying in the next." It's so true! Seeing Tiptoe trying so hard to walk is enough to make anyone misty-eyed. Yet seeing her excitement over that big fish put a huge smile on our faces.

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Indeed, so many people are moved by her story and are just so happy to see her thriving again. In the video caption, the center explains:

Our Bald Eagle patient, “Tiptoe”, is one of our long-term patients staying with us as she heals from an unknown yet quite traumatic injury she sustained in early March of 2022! Did you know that Bald Eagles can live up to 30 years in the wild? She may stay with us for another year or a half but she will have plenty of life left after her stay once she’s healed up!

Wildlife centers like Red Creek do such incredible work, and their commitment to caring for and rehabilitating animals restores our faith in humanity. We'll be keeping an eye out for more updates on this majestic girl!

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