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From Cleopatra to Louis, These Are the Most Popular Royal-Inspired Pet Names

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When news broke that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had adopted a dog soon after their wedding, royal watchers wondered if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would give their pooch a name fit for a king or queen—or rather, a duke or duchess.

More like a name fit for a wizard—the Wizard of Oz, that is. That's right; the royal couple named their black Labrador Oz.

Now the United Kingdom is abuzz with anticipation about what the couple will name their baby, which is due any day. To kill time until the royal birth, how about we have some fun with royal-inspired pet names that commoners have given their dogs and cats?

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This information on pet names inspired by royalty comes courtesy of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, the popular provider of insurance for dogs and cats. Healthy Paws tapped its database of over 380,000 pets to see how many happen to have regal names.

  1. Henry
  2. George
  3. Harry
  4. Louis
  5. Cleopatra
  6. Napoleon
  7. William
  8. Albert
  9. Josephine
  10. Elizabeth
  11. Victoria
  12. Diana
  13. Anastasia
  14. Gustav
  15. Nefertiti

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  1. Duke
  2. Lady
  3. Prince
  4. Princess
  5. King
  6. Caesar
  7. Duchess
  8. Baron
  9. Kaiser
  10. Earl
  11. Royal
  12. Queen
  13. Knight
  14. Khan
  15. Pharaoh
  16. Czar

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