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Video of Little Steer Attempting to Give Kisses to Horses in the Barn Is Absolutely Precious

Winston just wants a little affection.

Aww. When it comes to animals, apparently, some are just a bit more affectionate than others. And while dogs are known for showering their humans and other pets with plenty of kisses, we never would've guessed that there are cows out there who like to do the same!

After seeing a new video with over 1 million views that was shared on TikTok by @delmarfarm, it's obvious that one little steer is determined to make friends with the horses. "Winston" loves to venture into the barn in the hopes of dishing out smooches, though, as you'll see, his horse pals don't seem all that into it.

Poor Winston! Somebody give this man some love, already! Needless to say, people who watched the clip are ready to give this sweet guy as many kisses as he wants. One commenter, @ericalee noted, "Honestly, this is proof you can be literally perfect and you’ll still have haters." OMG! So true. But how can anyone, horse or otherwise, hate on Winston? Another TikTok viewer, @Reen1959 added, "Poor Winston… he needs a friend." He sure does! There was also a little humor thrown into the mix by @CM, who joked, "This is a perfect representation of my dating life." HA! (Join the club.)

Unfortunately for Winston, this isn't the first time his kisses have been rejected. Look how pitiful he is after being turned down in this clip!

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Maybe with a little persistence, this precious boy will finally find his bestie on the farm. Until then, something tells us his human caretakers will be more than willing to shower him with attention! (Hang in there, Winston.)

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