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Take Your Dog to Work Day 2017

Office Dog FTD

Friday, June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. For some dog owners, it is the one day of the year when they can bring their dog to work with them. For other lucky employees, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

For example, did you know that Amazon headquarters in Seattle is a dog-friendly workplace? According to this page about working at Amazon, there are all kinds of dog-friendly accouterments at the company—from dog treats at reception to dog-friendly drinking fountains. The page even introduces you to some of the four-legged employees.

A recent survey from Wellness Natural Pet Food found that many employees would like their workplace to be more like Amazon's.

  • 41 percent of pet parents say a pet-friendly workplace is important to them
  • 52 percent of millennials want pet-friendly offices
  • 33 percent of Baby Boomers feel the same way
  • 31 percent of Generation X workers want animals in the workplace
  • 91 percent of employees feel more loyal to their company because pets are allowed, so says the 2017 Banfield Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer

Besides here are seven companies where every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day, listed here in alphabetical order. This is good to know if you're looking for a job and want to target pet-friendly employment options.

Find out how some federal employees enjoy take your dog to work day.


BISSELL knows that allowing pets in the workplace reduces stress and lifts employee spirits. In fact, an annual employee survey indicates that being able to bring their pets to work is a top reason why they love working at the company's Grand Rapids, Michigan, offices. On a daily basis, dogs are allowed in employees’ work spaces and can also be found in the Pet Spot, an area designed specifically for pets. Dog treats and water bowls are available throughout the building, along with doggy cleanup kits, dog walking paths and an occasional special treat—like doggy ice cream.

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2. Bitly

Under "Perks of the Job" listed on the "Careers" page of Bitly, the URL shortening and link managment platform company, is a paw print to show that the company is pet friendly. In fact, its offices in San Francisco, Denver and New York City all welcome pets.

3. Clif Bar

Since its founding 25 years ago, Clif Bar in Emeryville, California, has always allowed employee pets in the office. Being a pet-friendly employer is as much of the Clif Bar company culture as responsible food sourcing and encouraging employees to be physically active—all of which is described on the Clif Bar company culture page.

4. Etsy

The Brooklyn, New York, headquarters of online seller Etsy is crawling with pets. For as along as Etsy has been encouraging craftspeople to sell their personal and handmade wares online, Etsy has encouraged employees to bring their dogs to work. Dogs are even welcome in company meetings—check out the pictures in this Etsy blog post for proof of that.

5. Life is Good

On the Life is Good "work here" page, many employees says that their favorite thing about working for lifestyle brand Life is Good in Boston is having pets in the office or being able to take a break to play with dogs. You know you're working at a truly pet-friendly place if this is the angle the company promotes when trying to attract new workers.

6. Nulo Pet Food

At Nulo Pet Food in Austin, Texas, pups are welcome in the office every day. They've been involved with product tasting, modeling for product photography, "creating" content for social media and keeping stress at bay. In fact, every employee’s dog is or will be featured on Nulo product packaging.

7. Purina

For almost 20 years, Purina has encouraged its associates to bring their pets to work, while recognizing the positive impact pets can have in a professional environment. The pet food maker wants other companies and organizations to follow suit and open their doors to pets. To that end Purina has created a free, downloadable digital toolkit on how to start a Pets at Work program.

Take Your Dog to Work Day Freebie

Finally, in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day, Einstein Bagels has a freebie for your fur baby. During Take Your Dog to Work Week and through June 23, your pup can enjoy a free doggie bagel treat with this online coupon. Hold onto that coupon because, following Take Your Pet to Work Week, every Tuesday throughout the summer will be Dogs Eat Free day. You'll need to show that coupon (on paper or your mobile device) to get your doggie freebie.

Here is the Pawsome Doggie take on Take Your Dog to Work Day.

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