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Retirement Announcement for TSA's Oldest Working Dog Deserves a Round of Applause

Eebbers had been part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul crew for almost 10 years.

A pup who has given his service to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for nearly 10 years has officially retired, and he's certainly worthy of celebration. Eebbers has been such a valued part of the crew at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, but now that he's 11 years old, it's time for him to say goodbye to his "sniffing" days and enjoy a life of leisure. As was reported by CNN, Eebbers was TSA's oldest working pup. He certainly deserves to live out the rest of his life getting plenty of playtime and cuddles. 

In addition to being a very hard-working pup, Eebbers also recently won a contest to be given the title of TSA's "cutest canine," which absolutely no one can deny after seeing what a sweetheart he is. Once you see the retirement announcement and words of thanks to Eebbers and his handler, Jean Carney, which the airport shared on Twitter, we're pretty sure you'll fall just as in love with this sweet dog as we have.

The look on his face! It's as if he knows something special is happening, and he's so proud that he's being recognized. 

TSA Minnesota Federal Security Director Marty Robinson shared a statement about Eebbers with CNN, saying, "We could not be more proud of the years of service Eebbers and Jean have devoted to keeping passengers safe, both at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and around the country, at numerous events. Our biggest threat is explosives coming through, and our canine teams are the best defense against that. The Cutest Canine title is a fitting send-off for this dog, who will now enjoy a well-deserved retirement."

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So many words of thanks and well-wishes are pouring in on Twitter for this incredible pup. One fan in particular posed a question that's likely on a lot of people's minds. @BeckyStormyLynn asked, "Does mean we can pet him now? It’s so hard to resist such a cutie!" It certainly is! Something tells us that Eebbers' future will be full of plenty of pets from both his handler and strangers alike.

Congrats to this dedicated, hard-working duo!

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