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Video Introducing the 'Wag Brigade' at San Francisco Airport Is a Total Trip

These therapy animals are there to ease fliers' nerves.

If you have the pleasure of flying in or out of San Francisco International Airport anytime soon, you just might get a welcome surprise! The airport has animals on-site who are part of what's called the "Wag Brigade," which is just a cute term for their resident therapy animals. 

If you run into the Brigade members, you might meet Leah the Corgi, Brixton the Golden Retriever, or the star of the show, Alex, a 32-pound Flemish giant rabbit! 

The whole mission of the Wag Brigade is to provide comfort to passengers traveling through SFO and ease the stresses that go along with flying. The three animals featured in the video are just a few of the adorable furry friends who are part of the team. 

Did we mention the Brigade even has their own Instagram page? 

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And here's another shot of Alex cruising around the terminal in style.

People who watched the TikTok clip can't get enough of these precious pets. One commenter, @Puncake noted, "The caretakers must have the coolest job ever." Isn't that the truth? Another viewer, @Queen of the Bunnies added, "If there’s a bunny in the airport I would never make my flight." Something tells us a lot of fliers would say exactly the same thing. If these sweet animals turn up before security, we'd never get through the TSA line in time!

Yet another fan of the Wag Brigade, @Mike Mac made a great point, saying, "Every airport needs this! And while we are here, how about universities? Students need this." Now there's another fabulous idea!

The next time we visit San Fran, the first thing we're doing upon landing is looking for this adorable crew. Having the chance to meet them is worth taking the trip all on its own!

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