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Why You Shouldn't Gift a Bunny This Easter


Each year around Easter, pet stores, 4-H clubs and farms start advertising bunnies for sale. While gifting a child an Easter bunny of their own may seem like a fun idea, caring for a rabbit may be more work than you think. Here's five things to consider before bringing a pet bunny into your home:

  • Exercise is a must. Rabbits don't like to be cooped up all day. They need at least three hours out of the cage each day.
  • The vet bills are a little pricier than you'd think. Because rabbits are considered "exotic" pets, you'll have to take them to a specialist, which often comes with a bigger bill.
  • They have a long lifespan. When properly cared for, rabbits can live longer than 10 years.
  • They chew everything. You'll have to keep phone cords, remotes and rugs away from the bunny—nothing is off limits.
  • They aren't a good "starter pet" for your kid. Rabbits are more fragile than dogs and cats, and they can't cry out then they're distressed. Not a great match for rough-lovin' tots.

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