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Your Pet Could Be the Next Cadbury Easter Star—Here's How


Normally, I don't cover contests when writing about holidays and food holidays. But this one was just too cute to pass up. Plus, it involves dogs, cats, pigs and other pets. Like I said, too cute.

It's a contest for the next star of the iconic Cadbury clucking bunny commercial in time for Easter for Cadbury eggs. But instead of a bunny, Cadbury is looking for an everyday pet to feature.

From dogs and cats to pigs and more, animal lovers like you and I can enter our pets in Cadbury’s “Bunny Tryouts.” These tryouts are being held now through March 6, 2019. You audition by submitting a photo of your pet wearing bunny ears on the Cadbury USA website.

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“You can’t go a day without seeing adorable pets flood your social media channels. The pride that pet moms and dads have for their fur babies is undeniable,” says Katrina Vatter, marketing team member, Cadbury U.S. brand. “For years, we’ve seen sweet photos of their animals donning the famous Cadbury bunny ears, and now we want to give pet owners the chance to show off their pets in our iconic ad.”

One of the judges is the Insta-famous star Doug the Pug. The other judges are Doug's owner and the Cadbury bunny—or perhaps its human handler.

While ultimately there will be one grand prizewinner, many other pets can call themselves winners, too. That's because on March 7, 2019, Cadbury will notify 20 semifinalists that they've been selected to submit videos of their pet. These videos will be featured on Cadbury’s social channels.

One lucky semifinalist’s pet will be selected as the winner and featured in the 2019 Easter commercial. That winner will also receive $5,000. Wonder if the winner's human will get a lifetime supply of delicious Cadbury eggs, too.

In addition to featuring these adorable pets, Cadbury is using this contest to give back. The brand will donate $10,000 to the ASPCA.

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